The Advantages of a Press Release for Your Business

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The press release is a public relations tool. This is where communications from companies, institutions, PR agencies, or members of the public are forwarded to the press. The aim is to increase the public perception and reach of a company through editorial reporting in the media.

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The advantages of a press release at a glance

If you are thinking about using a press release as a marketing tool, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages in order to use the tool for the right purposes. Here are the advantages that such a message brings with it.

1. Press Release Costs Less

It usually doesn’t cost much to prepare a press release when compared to other press work tools. Basically, only the working time of the person who creates the press text has to be paid. Sending to important press representatives is free of charge. There are also no costs for placing the message in specialist media. So if you just take a look at the costs, a press release in marketing is definitely worth it.

2. Press Release Raises Awareness

A press release can ensure that the relevant media report regularly about your company. This in turn leads to an increase in awareness within your own target group. In addition, this can also increase the reputation of the relevant media representatives. Anyone who regularly provides press representatives with interesting and relevant information will notice after a while that they will turn to you for new company news of their own accord. But that can take a while

3. Get Mention in Other Publications

The aim of a press release is to make the new information about your company known to as many people as possible. Therefore, many companies have already achieved their goal by sending the notice to many publications, which publish them in various online posts. Other media that then read this press release also have the opportunity to publish it in their articles. You can achieve a lot with relatively little effort.

4. Press Release Link Building

In addition to increasing awareness, the distribution of press releases also has the advantage that you can do SEO link building. Because when an article appears online that reports on your own company, there is always a link to your own website. The press release should therefore contain keywords by which it can be found in the search. As soon as other journalists read the publication, they may pick it up and incorporate it into their own articles.

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