What is Amazon A++ Content, and How To Use It

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When sellers want to differentiate themselves and gain an advantage, they use Amazon A+ Content as a fantastic option for the flexibility to expand their content. Unfortunately, the next step is reserved for only a few sellers: Some have access to Amazon Premium A+ Content. This program is available to very large brand owners through Vendor Central. In this blog post, we explain the basics of Amazon A+ Content and show you how it is used on Amazon.

What is Amazon Premium A+ Content?

The Amazon A+ Premium Content is an extensive extension of the Amazon A+ Standard Content, which can be purchased for a fee. Since the premium content is based on the A+ content, it is also referred to as A++ content. The expansion offers many new opportunities to present products in even more detail and more detail to win over potential customers. However, only vendors have the chance to use the Amazon Premium A+ content. The premium members can choose from 16 additional and interactive modules, which bring some attractive advantages.

The advantages of premium A+ content:

  • HD videos
  • Full-screen width images
  • FAQ sections to click through
  • Interactive comparison tables
  • Carousel modules and much more

In addition, the premium version offers the option of adapting the use of smartphones to improve the usability of mobile use and provide more visual clarity.

Why Amazon A++ Content?

According to Amazon, A+ Content can increase the conversion rate by up to 10%, A++ even enables an increase of up to 15%. Amazon Premium Content is predestined for products that require explanation, in particular, to be able to enhance them and explain them in more detail. A graphic illustration of the highest quality illuminates the advantages of the respective product immensely.

Product Page template

The differences: A+ vs. A++ content

A+ Content

  • Available for sellers and vendors
  • 17 standard modules
  • Standard quality images
  • Maximum 970 pixels
  • Increases conversion rate by 3-10%

A++ Content

  • Available by invitation only to vendors
  • 17 standard modules including 17 premium modules
  • Images & videos in high definition
  • Maximum 1454 pixels
  • Increases conversion rate by 15%

Which modules does A++ Content offer?

The premium version comes with a few different modules that set the content apart from the A+ standard version.

You can recognize the A++ content based on these elements:

The video

With this large-scale staging of videos, a separate preview image can also be selected. This will be hidden as soon as the video starts.

Interactive hotspots

Interactive hotspots can be defined at different positions within an image. If a user now clicks on one of these hotspots, additional information appears. Technical details can be emphasized very easily. The whole thing then looks like this:

Black headphone on amazon

Classic sliders

Several images can be arranged within a classic slider. Users can click through the variants and get more information about the product. Additional text for explanation can be placed in each image.

Slider with cross-selling products

If complementary products from the same brand are to be advertised, click-through products can be presented using a cross-selling slider.

amazon product description template

50/50 variant with text and image

Also popular is the classic element, in which a horizontal surface is divided in half so that image and text can be used separately next to each other:

Product Comparisons

The Premium A+ Content variant provides various comparison tables so that customers can make a comparison based on their individual needs. So you have all the differences and advantages of several products at a glance.

Product price comparison

Who can use the Premium Content and how much does A++ Content cost?

Unfortunately, the whole thing has two pretty big disadvantages: to be able to use premium A+ content, you have to be invited on the one hand and spend a lot of money on the other because the premium version is correspondingly exclusive and very expensive. As a result, the A++ content is mainly used by a few large brands such as AEG, Bose, and Samsung.

What to Consider Before Investing in Amazon A++ Content?

As Amazon expands, it becomes more and more important to stand out from the crowd. Premium content is a prime opportunity to stand out. An investment in premium content should be well thought out before even big brands get involved, especially due to the high price range.

The following should be considered before starting A++

The budget:

Is Amazon an important part of the company’s e-commerce strategy? Even if Amazon promises an increased conversion rate, is the price within budget?

The visual advantages:

Your Company should also have the option of producing the high-resolution image and video material internally or with a content agency to do so. Because the potential of being able to use unprecedented design should of course also be used.

Textual restrictions:

While A++ leaves room for beautiful graphics, it also has a limited number of characters. If a product requires a lot of textual description because it is not visually appealing at first glance, it would make more sense to opt for the text-heavy variant A+.


Both Amazon A+ Content and A++ content play their part in increasing conversions. However, they won’t be of much help if not enough traffic is being driven to the product detail page (aside from organic SEO). So first you should make sure that you have the opportunity to advertise and direct traffic to the offers.

B+ Content:

If the content is not optimized for user-friendliness, this can prevent consumers from continuing to scroll and from seeing their content in the first place.

If you’re wondering how to effectively market your products on Amazon outside of this opportunity reserved for big brand owners, then pay attention. As an experienced content marketing agency, TextProz Copywriters are at your side and ensure better long-term sales as part of Amazon optimization. Have a look at our services portfolio or request a custom quote to fulfil your unique needs.

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