How To Write Amazon Product Descriptions That Boost Sales

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The Amazon product description is extremely important for your Amazon listing because here you can provide customers with more information about your product. Customers can’t touch or try your products online, which is why product descriptions are so important. It is very important to perfectly write Amazon product descriptions and share all relevant information with customers in continuous content so that no questions remain unanswered.

You can also include keywords here for a chance of ranking well in Google search results. We will show you what makes a good product description on Amazon, which guidelines you need to follow, and how to format it correctly.

Why are product descriptions important on Amazon?

A good product description with all the important information about your product helps the customer to make a purchase decision. Guide them through the functions, special features, and benefits of your products and create an improved shopping experience.

The product description only plays a subordinate role in the ranking on Amazon, because it is not known to what extent keywords from the description are included, but you can use it to improve your ranking on Google.

Most importantly, more and more people are shopping on Amazon using mobile devices. And here comes the big plus of product descriptions: They are displayed on mobile devices directly after the product images, so they receive a prominent placement. On desktop devices, on the other hand, the descriptive contents are only displayed below the images and bullets.

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So use the product description on Amazon to address your customers correctly and to give them an understanding of all the USPs and special features of your products. We will now show you how to write good product descriptions.

A+ Content as an alternative

In addition to the normal product description, sellers and vendors have the option of creating A+ or A++ Content (formerly Enhanced Brand Content) on Amazon. With this feature, you can add not only a description but also images and graphics and design them appropriately. It’s free to create but takes a bit of time and design flair. Read all about the Amazon Amazon A++ Content in our blog.

What is a good Amazon product description?

When writing the product description, think from the customers’ point of view. What information do they want and what do they need to understand the benefits of a product? How would a sales pitch go in the store? What details does the customer need to visualize the product? Etc.

Try to focus on the functionality as well as the USPs of your products. It depends on the right information and the right structure. From the properties to use to structure, all important information should be communicated briefly and in language appropriate to the target audience.

This belongs in a product description:

  • Special features of the products (USPs)
  • Important product details
  • Brand values/emotions
  • Answer important customer questions
  • Simple and concise language

Do you have a product that needs to be explained well to your customers? Then invest in it and create high-quality content. You can entrust this task to TextProz Amazon Product Description Writers.

Amazon product description writing services

To write Amazon product descriptions, we utilize the best resources, undertake all the guidelines, optimize the content and deliver the best to boost your store sales.

What are the product description guidelines?

The most important guideline is the number of characters available. You have 2,000 characters. Unfortunately, you cannot add pictures or graphics. Pure continuous content is required.

In addition, Amazon has some requirements for the product description:

  • No information on awards
  • No information on guarantees
  • No promotions or special offers
  • No disclosure of retailer-specific or offer-specific details such as pricing or shipping
  • Special HTML formatting is not permitted

Conclusion: Amazon product descriptions writing

Always use the opportunity to give your customers even more helpful information about your products via product descriptions. In this way, you enable them to have a better shopping experience and help them make a purchase decision.

To write an Amazon product description, you have 2,000 characters available for the normal product description. You should also use them to give important product details, to show the advantages or to share important tips with your customers.

Although the product description is not directly relevant to the Amazon ranking, it can help to achieve a better ranking on Google.

If you also want to insert images and want an attractive design and more freedom of content, you should use A+ Content. Here you have many design options and can bring your product even closer to the customer. This is particularly worthwhile for complicated products or if competitors all also have A+ Content on the site.

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