Social Media

Woman smiling while using mobile phone.

It’s no longer a secret that social media is having an ever-increasing influence on us. Information and news spread at breakneck speed, good content goes viral, and social media influencers do the marketing for small and large companies alike. The reason is simple: almost everyone uses social media daily, liking pictures and sharing videos – do you too? So it’s no wonder that more and more companies want to use social media channels to increase their reach, open up new target audiences, or market products. But the range of options is large......

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How To Write The Most Engaging Social Media Posts - TextProz

Social media has become an integral part of brand communication. And yet the same questions keep coming up in everyday life: What is the best way to place to use social media for business advantage? How to write good social media posts that get noticed? We have some advice for you on what distinguishes good social media posts. Billions of people currently use one or more social media platforms. This means that almost half of humanity is connected in some way via a digital platform. Social media is a powerful tool to......

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