How To Write Contact Us Page That Gets Leads

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Did you know that the ‘contact us page is perhaps the most viewed page on your website? If you write a Contact Us page, which looks easy to use, is a golden opportunity to seize new leads and customer conversion. Here are some tips to help you write it wisely.

Title of the “Contact Us” Page

Let’s start by sorting out a title issue: the title “Contact Us” has long been used by business websites but now companies are becoming more creative. However, since “How can we help” is a perfect fit and is a very common phrase on the web, it’s generally the title we recommend for service providers. In the same way, we prefer the expression “Get in touch” rather than “contact us”. There is no need to make a big fuss about it, but as long as we write well, start with a creative phrase that suits your niche market.

Keyword-Rich Contact Us Page Body Content

The TextProz team has noticed with some of its customers that the Contact Us page is the most visited page on a website. It can therefore be a cornerstone of your website. Why not take the opportunity to stuff it with relevant keywords?

Without going into the details of each service offered, the content after the title must briefly present what is in question: it introduces the services to a person for whom you intended to write Contact Us page is meant for. The effort to write a short text rich in keywords is therefore worth it.

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Provide Multiple Contact Options

The contact page is the place to indicate all the ways to communicate with you. We will not reinvent the wheel here. The clearer you are in the modes of communication offered, the more the path between your future customers and you will be devoid of obstacles. You can therefore provide the following information, depending on what applies to your situation:

  • Email Address
  • Telephone number (and toll-free number, if applicable)
  • Email address
  • Business hours
  • Physical address

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You can also add on the ‘Contact Us page”

  • Google map
  • Address of other branches
  • Links to Social Networks
  • Instant messaging number
  • Contact form

Personally, writing Contact Us pages that only display a contact form — no address, no email, and no phone number — really irritates me until it is designed for a minimal view. A contact form alone sometimes gives the impression that the company does not want me to communicate with them.

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So take advantage of the contact page to write down all the relevant factual information, in case you come across an old-school client who likes to make a phone call or email in certain situations.

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Clear Call To Action

The call to action is an important part of the Contact Us page. You need to pave the way for your customers to take the next action, such as:

  • Ask for a quote
  • Make a virtual or in-person appointment
  • Schedule a phone call
  • Get support

If you are contacted often with the same questions, you could also add a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and invite people to read it before joining.

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Name the Cities or Area Served

There was a time when the contact pages sometimes looked like a geographical database because they named all the cities served by the company to ensure that they were well indexed by Google in these regions. However, it is to be avoided today.

The best practice is instead to embed a Google map on your contact page and create a Google business listing. With these two elements in hand, Google will index your site for the correct region.

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Certain situations may sometimes require specifying the territory covered. A representative on the road or a moving company, for example, might want to specify the regions covered. Anyway, it is not necessary to list each of the cities served to obtain an effective local referencing (SEO); rather a simple description of the boundaries of the territory will serve the purpose.

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A Contact Us Page As Neat As Your Other Pages

Write the Contact Us page with the same approach that you have for your home page, your About page, your services page, and your product page. Web browsing is non-linear and your contact page may be the first or even the only one viewed by visitors. Keywords, means of contact, and calls to action: this recipe is likely to maximize your results.

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