Step-By-Step Guide: How to Create Compelling Product Descriptions

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Creating product descriptions is not rocket science. However, you can still do some things wrong. To prevent this from happening, we will guide you step-by-step through the process – of writing compelling product descriptions.

Know your target audience

We don’t mean that you should know whether your product is more suitable for men or women. You should deal intensively with your target customers and define so-called buyer personas. Only if you know your customers can you provide them with the right information and find the right wording in your texts.

For example, you sell products that require explanation, such as hand saws, that are more complicated than a plain white T-shirt. There are certainly customers who know exactly which saw is the right one. But some require additional information about the product. But how can you pick up both customers in the best possible way?

How about if you include a guide next to your products, clearly visible above the fold, which provides all the necessary information for your customers?

Be aware of what your customers want, what information they need, how they want to be addressed, and how you can make the product page as clear as possible.

Emphasize benefits, product features, and uses of your products

That doesn’t mean that you should simply list the properties of your products. Instead, show the customer how they benefit from these benefits. Pay attention to an appealing and, above all, target group-oriented choice of words.

What goes in a product description?

  • The important product properties (the dimensions, the material, the color, etc.)
  • The benefits for the customer (What can your product do? Why should the user buy it)
  • Further information on payment methods, return policy, shipping, etc.
  • Possibly required accessories that can be purchased with the product

How long should a product description be?

In general, it is difficult to determine the length of a product text. It should be, as long as necessary, as short as possible. Concentrate on the most important aspects of your product and try to communicate the benefits and features briefly and clearly. 100 words can be enough, but you may also need more than 200 words, for example, because your product needs a lot of explanation.

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Find the right choice of words

What your target group appeals to depends not only on demographic characteristics such as age but also on your products, for example. If you sell lifestyle items such as stylish hoodies, you can certainly be more relaxed and inspirational in your wording than if you sell medical products. Make sure that the choice of words and formulations in your product texts match the rest of the wording on your website. If you treat your customers first in the online shop, you should do the same in the descriptions of your products.

Keep the layout clean

Do you know those product texts that are forever long and only consist of one block of text? Do you like such texts? Probably not.

Therefore, work in your description with bullet points, paragraphs, bolding, icons, etc. In this way, you ensure that the customer can scan the text and have all the important information at a glance.

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Optimize your texts according to SEO criteria

Product descriptions are not only relevant to the customer, but also to SEO. Whether on marketplaces like Amazon or for Google search – with relevant keywords (search terms) in the product description, you can appear with your product page higher up in the search results.

First, find out what your target audience is looking for. For example, you can use keyword tools such as Google’s keyword planner, look at questions about a topic at, or enter a search term in the Google search and find other keywords relevant to the topic.

Whenever possible, include these keywords in the various elements of your product description:

  • The title
  • The meta description
  • The bullet points
  • The textual description

Do not build keywords into your texts at any price. The focus is always on legibility and comprehensibility for the customer. You are probably already using many of the relevant search terms automatically. To optimize your text specifically for the search engine, you can also include important terms.

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Build trust through social proof or other unique features of your brand

Your product was rated as “good” and has a particularly high number of positive reviews, your brand donates part of the purchase price to charity. Show it to your customers.

Don’t you prefer to buy from companies where you feel you are in good hands and whose products have already convinced many other customers? Then you are like many other people.

You can place positive customer testimonials and ratings on your product pages refer to awards, integrate certificates as icons, and so on.

However, you should not fake reviews and the like, even if you are convinced of your products.

Add social proof on product descriptions

Add high-quality images and videos

Product content is great for emphasizing the most important features of your products and also for promoting the benefits of your company. Just remember that your customer cannot touch your products online. With product images, product videos, explanatory graphics, and the like, you can make the product tangible for your customers.

How often do you buy products that have no product image on the page or only one that is difficult to see? Exactly, so make sure you have high-quality product images and videos. Images and videos that show your product in action or in the right environment are also ideal.

Instead of just showing the vinyl floorboards, this online shop focuses on lifestyle images that show the floor in different living rooms. This gives the customer a better idea of what the laid floor could look like.

Girls capturing picture of white shoes

Conclusion: This is how you create product descriptions that sell

Product descriptions can make a difference for your customer whether they buy a product or not. So don’t give up on them. Of course, it takes time to write unique product content, but you benefit from it. With search engine optimization, you can even get your product pages to appear high on Google and customers to find you in the search results. The same applies, for example, to the Amazon marketplace with Amazon SEO.

Make sure that you provide the customer with all the important information in your product description, answer all the relevant questions, write in a way that is appropriate for the target group, and also ensure that the layout has a clear structure and allows the product texts to be scanned, for example by using bullet points or icons.

In the end, however, it is not only the product texts that influence the purchase decision. Social proof, for example in the form of positive ratings and high-quality images and videos also convinces customers.

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