5 Reasons Why You Should Use Email Marketing Tools

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is sending emails (a newsletter) to subscribers. The objective is to communicate information, highlight your brand, or encourage them to buy a product. Given its low cost and effectiveness, newsletters sent through emails are the digital marketing activity with the highest ROI (Return on Investment)

Sending newsletters can therefore be very beneficial for a company or business. You can see Email Writing Tips and Learn to Write Professional Emails.

A few years ago there were not many means or technologies allowing us to send newsletters or do email marketing effectively. Business owners used to create a contact list in an Excel file or directly in their email (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.). This created some difficulties and with anti-spam laws, this method is not practical. Therefore various email marketing tools and service providers came into existence.

What is an email marketing tool?

It is a tool or a platform that records your subscribers’ emails while respecting anti-spam laws and terms of use policies. These services also allow you to send marketing emails.

The email marketing tools offer the subscriber the option to accept or not receive your promotions.

There are several email marketing tools, for example:

  • MailChimp
  • Cyberimpact
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Constant Contact

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5 Reasons to use an email marketing tool?

There are several reasons why you should use an email marketing tool. We will mention here a few major reasons:

1. Email newsletter may not be considered spam

This is the main reason why you shouldn’t use old email marketing methods. Email marketing tools are becoming more and more intelligent; they integrate email subscriber consent systems to avoid spam.

Even if your intention is not to send spam if you send mass emails the system may consider your messages as spam. So, with an email marketing tool, you are less likely to have your emails considered spam.

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2. For the protection of subscribers’ data

You do not have to manage the protection of your subscribers’ data yourself. Each platform is secured by a username and password. Some platforms such as MailChimp integrate two-factor authentication.

3. For better management and segmentation of subscribers

Email marketing tools allow you to segment subscribers into multiple groups allowing you to send them more targeted and therefore more effective messages.

For example, if you have subscribers who have not made purchases recently on your online store, you can target only them with a promotional offer on their next purchase.

Another example is if you have subscribers with VIP status, you can send those exclusive offers that other subscribers will not receive.

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4. For better integration with your website

This is one of the most interesting reasons, especially if you have an online sales website.

Email marketing service providers such as MailChimp, and Constant Contact allow integration with web platforms such as WordPress/WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc. Synchronization with a CMS allows you to send targeted and automated newsletters. For example, you can send an automatic email:

  • When a customer makes their first purchase,
  • When a customer has abandoned his cart (remarketing campaign)
  • To offer a related product (upsell or cross-selling) to a product already purchased

5. To take advantage of the marketing automation

Each email marketing platform regularly integrates innovative features adapted to the reality of the moment. There are drag-and-drop features, automated emails, mobile compatibility, audience analysis and measurement, connection with social networks, etc.

These features are constantly improving and we notice that they are more and more focused on automation, performance, and conversion.

Ready to get started with email marketing?

Technologies evolve at a very rapid pace, which is why having scalable tools is an asset to your business. Using an email marketing service guarantees better results. We can power your email marketing campaigns with a professional email writing service.

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