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Ways to get backlinks

Do you want to promote your website and achieve more visibility on Google? Then you will inevitably come into contact with the topic of backlink building. You also ask yourself the question: “How to get backlinks to your website”? Then you are right here. We share tips on how to build quality backlinks with high-quality content to make your website rank higher on Google.

You have noticed that backlink building is important for your website, but you don’t know exactly why and what the ominous links are. Even when you are in the right place, we’ll start with the basics and explain what backlinks are, how Google can rate your link profile, and what tools you need.

What is a backlink? Doesn’t that have to do with illicit strategies?

For you, everything to do with backlink building is a closed book that you would rather not dare to read because it is far too ominous and somehow vague. But then you miss the chance to improve your Google ranking and increase the relevance of your page. Why is that?

Simply put, backlinks are backlinks or links that point to your site from other websites. For search engines like Google, a backlink acts as a kind of recommendation on the Internet.

For example, when you get backlinks to your website with a lot of authority, Google thinks simply “Hey, if this site links to the other, there is probably also relevant information for the user hidden here, I’ll take a closer look.”

A study found that “the #1 result in Google has an average of 3.8x more backlinks than positions #2-#10.”

Backlinks are a particularly important ranking factor. The more high-quality and thematically appropriate backlinks your site has, the more likely it is to be placed at the top of the search results.

Backlinks not only strengthen the relevance of a website but also its authority because if many websites refer to your site via a link, this means for Google that your site is relevant to the topic and credible. Accordingly, if you get backlinks to your website, your page will increase in ranking, because users are looking for such relevant content.

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Getting backlinks from multiple different sites appears to be important for SEO. We found the number of domains linking to a page correlated with rankings.

So let’s already say that building backlinks are worth it for you! Register your interest in building backlinks with SEO content and our expert writers would let you know the process.

You can also learn how to do website SEO & content optimization yourself

How do Google tracks and rates backlinks?

How exactly does Google weights backlinks as a ranking factor – like many things with the search engine – not exactly visible to anyone? However, certain factors are known that play a role in Google‘s evaluation of backlinks. We have put together some important factors for you.

What is important for Google when it comes to backlinks?

  • The anchor text or link text, i.e. the clickable link text that takes you to the other website
  • The authority of the linking sub-site and website
  • The topic relevance of the linking subpage and website
  • The position of the link on the linking page (the link is weighted more heavily in the main content than in the footer, for example)
  • The other outgoing links of a website
  • The content around the backlink
  • The alt attribute if it is an image link
  • Rel attributes like no-follow

And some more!

Important tools for backlink analysis

The backlink checkers are particularly good for checking the link profile of your competitors and simply replicating it by trying to get the same links. There are extensive paid tools such as Ahrefs, which we particularly used to check backlinks, but also free tools that you can use to check backlinks and then build them up.

Paid backlink checker tools

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMRush
  • Moz Link Explorer

Free Backlink Checker Tools

  • OpenLinkProfiler
  • MOZ Link Explorer
  • Majestic
  • SEMRush in the free version

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5 Proven Ways to Build Backlinks!

Links continue to be a hugely important ranking factor for Google, so a good backlink profile is essential for a well-ranked website. But building backlinks for your website can be difficult: It can be easy to get lost between the question of which backlinks are the best and the latest idiosyncrasies of the Google algorithm. To throw you a lifebelt on the vast ocean of the internet, we have different ways for you to build or improve your backlink profile.

#1 See what your competition is doing!

A popular strategy among link builders is to replicate a competitor’s link profile. A bit of copying is allowed here because you can imitate what works for your competitors.

You can quickly find various tools on the Internet to check the backlinks of any site. Above we have listed the best free and paid for you. So pick one of these and find the pages that rank at the top ahead of you for your keywords. Now you can see the backlinks your competitors have. Check them out and try to get the same backlinks as your competitors. If your competition got the backlink, then you should be able to do it too, right?

#2 Create quality content!

If you look at the Google guidelines for webmasters, you quickly realize that Google link building is not well disposed of. Google wants the best content to prevail and the backlinks to be created organically because the best content is linked.

Unfortunately, we have to make two things clear here: Santa Claus doesn’t exist and hardly anyone links you without you bothering to ask him about it.

If you have good content on your site, it is of course worthwhile to write to websites that deal with a suitable topic and that link to you and advertise your content as added value for their users.

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To get quality backlinks, you would need SEO content, articles, blogs, and guest posts, contact TextProz and we would power your website with quality content.

#3 Recycle Backlinks

Another way to build backlinks is through expired domains. These are websites whose old owner no longer needs the site and which are now freely available again. However, the backlinks ‘that the old site has are still there, so these can be useful for you if you send them to you.

There are various portals where you can purchase expired domains. But it is important to note that the links on the page should be thematically related to yours. You will need to invest some money to get the expired domain, but a good domain allows you to get links that you would otherwise have no chance of getting.

#4 Ask your friends!

Activate your network! This tip is very simple. Just look around you: Does your brother-in-law have a law firm with an online presence? Or does your neighbour have a well-running online shop? Just ask if they would link you. Of course, it is best if the link also fits your website thematically.

#5 Write good guest articles!

Ask a Content Writing Agency for guest articles! It is easy and saves a lot of time, and it can work very well. And if you have already chosen the topics, then you can share them with the writers. For a backlink from a good and thematically appropriate page, the effort is worth it!

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As an experienced content marketing agency, we are happy to support you in building backlinks and a high-quality link profile and also take on all other important content marketing for your website.

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