How To Get More Email Subscribers With Guest Blogs

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Guest blogging for another website or platform can be a great way to grow your email list. When you do that for a site with more reach and authority than you have, you give your authority a boost anyway. But there are also super smart opportunities to immediately get more subscribers for your email list. Sit back and relax, in this blog we tell you how to get more email subscribers with guest blogs.

How does guest blogging work?

By guest blogging, we mean publishing your blog on someone else’s website. This can be a knowledge platform, a news site, or the website of an expert or influencer. I say your blog, but of course, it can also be a co-creation of you and the owner/editor of the website. The most important thing is that the website for which you are guest blogging has a logical ‘fit’ with your business and that you know for sure that people who match the profile of your persona can be found there.

Guest blogging is quite a bit of work. So when you start with this you want to be sure that it is a good choice for your business. When will you know if this is the case for you?

When is guest blogging smart for you?

It is important to know that guest blogging is first of all very interesting if you are still building your expert status. If you choose guest blogging on an external website, choose one that has more reach and authority than you. By publishing two guest blogs, you can get the chance to reach new customers who match the profile.

Your authority of you as a person or as a brand grows when you guest blog regularly and for the right websites. But in addition, the authority of your website also increases. When you provide your guest blog with a link to your website, this is a sign to Google that your website is relevant. The more so-called ‘backlinks’ from other good sites to your website, the better the score that Google gives your website. You call this the domain authority (DA). And the higher your DA is, the greater the chance that Google will give your web pages a high position in Google. Another reason for you as an entrepreneur to get started with guest blogging.

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How to get more subscribers to your email list with guest blogs

It is clear that guest blogging is good for building your expert status. But wouldn’t it be great if you could immediately get more out of it than just a bit of fame and authority? For example, could you get email list subscribers directly from your guest blogs?

Yes, for sure! And in addition to guest blogs, podcasts that you join as a guest are also very suitable for this. But you have to do it the right way. Most knowledge platforms, news sites, experts, and influencers find it especially important that their readers and followers are inspired and genuinely helped by the content they publish. They usually don’t like to put a commercial offer in between in a flat way. It is therefore important that you approach how you want to attract those subscribers to your email list in the most natural and relevant way possible.

Integrate a free giveaway into your guest blog

Let’s say you connected with someone behind a website, media, or content platform and you get the chance to write a guest blog or be interviewed for an article or podcast (even better!). Then you could consider making a separate giveaway, especially for the publication around the topic you are writing about or discussing. To help the readers, listeners, or viewers one step further.

Don’t make it too big, for example, a checklist or template, but make sure that the content fits seamlessly with the subject. And make it super valuable and exclusive to these people. That way, the extra content has a lot of value on top of the guest post and feels relevant and special for both the readers and the owner/editor of the platform. This increases the chance that you will be able to implement your idea. And when your publication gains a lot of reach among readers or listeners, you will also see this reflected in the number of subscribers. A boost for your authority and your email list!

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Make sure you always consult the right people behind the content platform that understand your business well. You can request a free analysis of your website or marketing content.

Protect yourself and start simple

Do you like this approach and do you want to immediately use a guest blog or interview to grow your email list? Then realize that you spend a lot more time with this than if you only publish a guest blog. You have to work to create quality content and also you need a landing page that is integrated with your email marketing system.

If you’re new to guest blogging, wait a little longer. It is good to know what options you have in the long run but start the simple way. Once you’ve mastered guest blogging and made some connections, you’re ready to introduce the products into your content!

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