What is Guest Blogging & What Are the Benefits of Guest Blogs

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What is guest blogging?

Everyone who has a dream of having a lot of blog visibility on the web must know that guest blogging is essential for blog owners. That is why you should know the concept, the benefits, and the ways how to make the most of it. However, it is important to know what guest blogging is.

How is guest blogging defined?

Link building has several techniques and one of them is guest blogging. This technique works with SEO strategies where you share content through guest blog writers. If you choose guest blogging, you’re posting content to an author’s blog to get a link from another domain. This is in exchange for them doing the same on their blog.

This gives you a link outside of your website. Again, this is a great strategy to get your website publicized. Now, the key to making efficient use of guest blogging is finding the right domains for your brand to succeed.

The website where you use this technique must be linked to your topic. To do this, you need to make sure they speak the same language that you use on your blog. Accordingly, both the readers of the other blog and yours will understand the content. As a result, there will be no inconvenience in understanding the article you wrote.

Another fundamental point is the consistency that the guest blog has with its editorial line. You also need to be careful not to select domains penalized by Google. Not only that, but you also need to make sure they have good authority. So you can enjoy the benefits of this technique.

How can you take advantage of guest blogging?

  • Guest blogging publishes both the guest author and the collaboration.
  • Authority is the most important advantage.
  • This way you can get the visibility you hope for your blog or website.
  • Among the various benefits that guest blogging offers, one is better ranking.

What are the advantages for the guest author?

If you receive a request to write on a blog other than yours about the topic of your interest, consider yourself lucky. This could be a good start to improving your blog professionally as you will get many benefits:

You can increase your visibility

If you’re not a well-known author, you don’t have to worry anymore. This is because a guest post on a reputable blog can be a good place to start. On the other hand, it is of interest to write a blog with many hits. As a result, you can reach different users and position yourself as a potential author.

You can generate links for your blog

This is one of the best links building tactics you can use to generate successful links.

Professional relationships will improve

To build good relationships with other professionals, there is nothing better than collaborating with other websites. Also, it can help you increase your knowledge on social media and gain recognition for your attributes.

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What are the benefits of the blog?

This practice is so effective that synergy can be created in two directions. In other words, the guest author and the blog can reap the following benefits:

Increase in traffic

If you run a blog and want to find a guest blogger, you need to make sure that whoever you choose is an expert in the topic of your blog. Consequently, you present a more professional image. In addition, this way you offer versatile content that can reach the audience. On the other hand, quality content can grab people’s attention by making them interested in that blog. As a result, they will choose you over the competition.

Earn more links

Just as the author can earn links for their collaboration, the blog selected for publication also benefits from the increased number of links. If the guest has a lot of authority, the benefits are likely to be more relevant.

The highest number of subscribers

To get better visibility, you need relevant content that will allow for better blog positioning. When your content is eye-catching, it’s easier to get subscribers. These can be guest bloggers or other contacts.

SEO benefits

SEO should not be missing from any blog or website. It is therefore important that you offer quality content and make the appropriate updates from time to time. Additionally, you need to add efficient links to achieve organic positioning.

Better inbound marketing performance

People who have used guest blogging before have noticed that having a guest author increased traffic. In addition, they were able to gain more subscribers and improve search engine optimization. Accordingly, websites achieve greater visibility because their goals can be improved and fulfilled.

Goals of guest blogging

Guest blogging has become an excellent technique as it allows you to blog for third parties to gain more visibility. The truth is that this technique is very useful and can do a lot with it.

It’s important to make it clear that guest blogging can earn you a lot from your website or blog, as you can power your website in many ways:

What can you achieve with guest blogging?

Brand visibility with guest blogging

When you use guest blogging, you spread the word about your brand. Consequently, if you are an expert on a specific topic, the audience has a very relevant option from you. While this process would be an indirect benefit, it would be very beneficial for your brand.

Employ making gust post strategy to increase traffic

Increase traffic with guest blogging

If it is published on a site outside of you, it will generate traffic to your site. For example, posting on a blog with a large number of subscribers and with well-known authors on social media will increase your exposure to become visible on the web.

Become a guest author for networking

With this technique, you can create a professional relationship with many people or elements that define life in the digital environment. Therefore, connecting with companies, influencers and bloggers can become a great opportunity for you. Thanks to this, you can create synergies by establishing a relationship with a recognized company. However, you must ensure that it relates to yours.

SEO with guest blogging

One way or another, a website will never be known if it doesn’t use SEO strategies. Posting on third-party websites gives you many benefits by placing links that you consider important. And if that wasn’t enough, you as the author can put a direct link. However, Google runs a few tactics to find out when this practice is being abused.

How to blog effectively as a guest?

There are a few guidelines for knowing how to create a guest blog effectively:

Choose a blog that fits your topic.

This might be the most important point about guest blogging. If you make a bad choice, your brand will not be properly projected. Therefore, you must not choose a poor-quality website at first. If you make a wrong choice, the disadvantages of this website can be reflected in your brand.

When choosing a blog for guest blogging, consider the following factors:


Relevance must be directed to your website in the first place since your goal is to reach an audience that is interested in your topic. To connect with the public interested in your industry, you need to link to a website that caters to or is associated with the same niche as you.


You may get a blog unrelated to your industry but with good authority. You can take advantage of this opportunity by writing a post adapted to the message and topic.


Before you upload a blog post, you should review it thoroughly. At the same time, you make sure that there are no negative features that could cause problems on your website.

Enough content:

If you want to improve your website’s visibility, you must avoid posting on blogs with few posts. Also, guest blogs should not be redirected to sites that are over-advertised, and spammed with comments and bad content.

Contact the blog owner

At this point, you also need to be very careful for the process to run optimally. Generally, contact with a blogger is made through email, and the message must show interest. You also need to tell the blogger that you have sufficient knowledge of the site, which is why you want to post on it.

So you need to log in, read the posts and be aware of the moves the blog owner is making on social media. For example, we are talking about publications or other content that they share. This is the easiest way to send an accurate and customized message.

If you send the same message to all bloggers, you will surely make a mistake, since every website has its characteristics.

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The benefits of blog SEO

You should apply some SEO strategies in your post. It’s also important not to overuse keywords and include headings. Last but not least, you should add a suggested Meta description as well as image optimization.

What not to do when posting guest blogs

There are still many doubts as to whether blogging as a guest is good or bad for SEO. This depends on several factors such as the type of post you are creating. But it also depends on how natural the link you are going to use it. Besides, you also need to consider the type of topic related to the blogs you want to link to.

As long as you follow all the techniques to create a good guest post and link to blogs that can add value to your content, you don’t have to worry.

However, there are problems with search engine optimization if you use your strategies uncontrolled. This is because Google is quick to notice and assume you are abusing guest blogging. As a result, Google may even decide to penalize you.

So what not to do for guest blogging?

Once you submit a guest blog post, you face a huge responsibility. This is because your cover letter will be your business and whether you get good results or not is up to you.

Therefore, if you wish to write as a guest on a blog, you must follow the blog owner’s instructions. Otherwise, you will not perform this operation correctly.

When you post a message to a blog, it’s because you’re interested. Therefore, after your cooperation is approved, suddenly disappearing is not convenient. So remember that both you and your business can look bad to the blog owner you contacted before.

Finally, it would also not be right for you to suggest the same topics written for other blogs, as this is very obvious. Also, the blog owner will most likely ask you to read your previous work to determine its quality.

Don’t delay the submission

Blog owners often provide invited writers with guidelines on where to locate dates for scheduling articles. If you know both the delivery and release dates, don’t wait days before the due date to write as the content will likely not fit.

So that you can write with real commitment, you will be informed in advance about the planned dates in the blogs. You should therefore only leave the letter at the last minute.

If you blog as a guest, you need to represent your brand well.

If you want to use guest blogging, you should know that this approach is not just about leaving a link on a blog as a guest. This is about a moment when you should make the most of it so that the audience you are trying to reach is interested in the content that is being published.

The person in charge of the blog you choose to write on also needs to have a good image of you and your brand. That’s why you need to show that you’re a pro at post-writing and that you can add value to the brand. If you convey a responsible brand image, the blog owner will likely recommend you to other acquaintances later on.

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There are some basic steps that you definitely cannot ignore to get good results:

Read the blog you want to write for

This might be the most important step in guest blogging. First, you need to know what type of content is on a blog before you consider contributing as a guest author. If you’re emailing a blog to collaborate and you don’t know what the topic is, you won’t be able to provide quality content.

Make interesting suggestions

Write an attention-grabbing post if you know what the blog you want to write for is about. If you contact the blog owner and ask them what blog topic to write about, you don’t sound like a pro in this area. The blog owner must feel that you want to write for their site.

Stand out by writing a quality post

When you use guest blogging, you’re often writing on a blog that has a lot of authority on the web. As a result, you should create an eye-catching object. You’re wasting your time if you don’t because the blog owner won’t show any interest.

The idea is that you create a post that will grab the attention of both the blog owner and the public. It is very gratifying to know that when reading an article, a person remembers you positively and even recommends reading your post to other users.

No grammatical or spelling mistakes

To create good content, you need to take care of your grammar and spelling. For many writers, the message conveyed by the blog is more important than a misspelt word. However, if you have spelling and grammatical errors, users may misunderstand the content or not take it seriously at all.

For this reason, you should double-check your post as often as necessary to check the spelling before submitting it. If you submit a misspelt article, the blog owner may think you wrote without interest. As a result, a bad image could arise as an author.

When will you start guest blogging?

You have to be very strict with yourself to create a guest blog as it’s not just about guest blogging. What is guest blogging? It serves to place your brand as a cover letter and it depends on your post whether the image you leave with the blog owner and the public is positive or negative.

Blog owners are very demanding and it is not convenient for them to have an inexperienced writer as a contributor. Therefore, if you want to use this technique to create traffic on your website, you must strive to create quality texts.

If you use guest blogging, you’ll find the details to consider and ignore when creating a blog post as a contributor. In the meantime, follow these tips to help you achieve your goals through this incredible practice.

Did you enjoy this article? What is guest blogging?

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