How Does A Business Benefit From Good SEO Content Marketing?

Benefit of SEO Content Marketing

Content marketing is on everyone’s lips. But the question that many ask themselves is: How can one deliver interesting content to the target audience that is SEO-optimized at the same time? We are happy to give you a few basic tips for this:

Create content that your readers will love and share.

Create useful content tailored to each stage of the customer journey. With search-engine-optimized content that builds on each other in a meaningful way, you bring your prospects closer to being ready for sale bit by bit.

Does keyword research in advance so that you can reach the desired target audience with your content?

Get an accurate picture of what your potential customers are looking for. What is the so-called search intent? For example, if someone enters the search term “surgeon”, does he need medical treatment or does he want to study medicine? You can get to the bottom of this with a SERP (Search Engine Result Page) analysis.

With Search Engine Optimized Content, give a significant boost to website visibility by making it rank higher in the search results

Create all your content on one and the same domain/subdomain.

Uniform domains and subdomains ensure clarity and user-friendliness. Subdomains are good for dividing individual areas of the website and at the same time showing that they still belong together.

Let your opinion and recommendation flow into the content.

Give the reader a recommendation and not just a mere description of a product, for example. Positive reinforcement and honest recommendations make your product or service more tangible.

Feel free to include your company and your services in the article or content.

Provide readers with an opportunity to learn more about the topic. Use the resulting commitment of the interested party to demonstrate your expertise. In this way, new leads can be generated via your content, for example through attractive calls to action and forms.

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Relationship between content and SEO

The quality of the content is not the only thing that counts for search engines today. The composition and structure of your texts are also included in the ranking. Therefore, content marketing and search engine optimization should be viewed as a unit. The following applies:

  • The better your content is optimized for search engines, the more often your content will be found and read.
  • The higher the quality of your content, the more effective your SEO measures will be.


The success of your content marketing and a targeted SEO strategy go hand in hand. The information content of your content only finds its way into the top ranking of the search engines with the help of suitable SEO measures.

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