7 Ideas To Find Inspiration for Blog Writing

Taking Inspiration for Blog Writing

What do you do when you’re lacking ideas for your blog post? What can be done to overcome writer’s block or a general lack of inspiration? Every writer will occasionally struggle with a lack of inspiration.
Bloggers might be of two different categories.

One has an endless supply of blog post concepts, but simply lacks the time to write them all. The other is struggling with ideas yet wants to produce more blog pieces.

You’ll be unable to think of a topic as you stare at your computer screen. But you’re committed to publishing those blog entries frequently. Fortunately, there are lots of methods to find inspiration for writing inspirational blogs.

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Taking Inspiration for Blog Writing

1. Obtaining ideas from the Audience

If your blog contains an area for comments from your readers, you probably get feedback. There may be questions along with the positive or negative statements that make up the majority of the responses you receive.

Perhaps some of these questions are simple to respond to in a reply, but others may be off-topic or require further explanation. Such inquiries are great starting points for your subsequent piece. Try compiling a list of pertinent inquiries as you come across them so you have a resource to refer to when you’re feeling uninspired.

2. Google Search Console Performance Report

You can see more than just your slither mistakes in Google Search Console. Check out the GSC Progress report. The search terms that users use to find your site are displayed to you in the Progress report.

There may be inquiries on the list that you would have never thought to address in your essay.

Let’s say you run a food blog and discover that someone found your site while looking for Recipes. Perhaps you’ve already written about the recipes. You might be motivated to write an article about the recipes they are looking for.

key words

3. Make Use of Your Keyword Research

Anybody who has a strong SEO plan has conducted accurate keyword research. The document you wish to rank for should therefore contain hundreds of keywords and phrases. A keyword isn’t a post topic yet, but it can be a place to start.

Select a long-tail keyword from your list. If someone searches for that particular term, what do they discover? Google it. observe the results. That will be the contest.

Does it work well? Could you improve? You might be motivated to write something similar that aligns with the findings after reading the results. However, if you are convinced that it still matches the user intent, trying to write something that stands out could also be a tactic.

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Follow Bloggers Who Inspire You

4. Follow Bloggers Who Inspire You

There are many areas to look on the internet for blog post inspiration. You might follow bloggers who inspire you. Reading other blog articles or even just scrolling through post feeds is a terrific approach to getting blog post ideas.

Similarly, you can join Facebook groups for bloggers or groups connected to your niche. Your creative juices will start flowing if you discuss ideas with other bloggers! But be careful not to steal other people’s concepts. And remember to give fair credit.

Use Your Life As Inspiration for Blog Posts

5. Use Your Life As Inspiration for Blog Posts

Current Affairs

Consider current affairs from the perspective of your specialty as another technique to generate article topics. To do this, keep an eye on several news websites or set up an alert for certain themes. You should adapt these news stories for your site so they relate to its purpose.

The present COVID-19 outbreak is a very recent illustration of this. Everyone is impacted by it, therefore writing about it makes sense without taking advantage of the situation or reverting to tired clichés.

If you run a blog, you might explore strategies to pass a quarantine with your family. If you are a Food blogger you might write about healthy recipes to prepare with canned goods.

Your Routine

Your personal and professional experiences may serve as a terrific source of blog article ideas. You can write about events in your daily life and the steps you take to deal with them.

Or simply discuss what you would do if your clients or coworkers encountered a specific issue. It’s possible that other individuals are facing the same issue and seeking advice.

When writing about actual events, you should always be considerate of your readers’ privacy and obtain their consent before using their stories on your blog.

For instance, a therapist who writes a blog to share mental health advice with readers might want to utilize real-world examples. In that circumstance, it’s crucial to modify names and information to safeguard client privacy and the practice’s future.

Think Clearly

6. Think Clearly

You may be lacking inspiration as a result of spending too much time at your desk and staring at a screen for writing inspirational blogs. Change your environment for better results. If you can, go for a brief stroll outside. And if stepping outside is not a possibility right now, try to come up with another strategy for decompressing.

Whether it’s meditation, knitting, physical activity, or playing with your dog, you know what is best for you. Take a moment to unwind and focus on something else; whenever you return to your computer, you’ll likely feel much more inspired than before.

Keep an Idea Journal

7. Keep an Idea Journal

The answer may be as straightforward as not always having enough blog post ideas. As a result, be ready for those days by keeping a list of blog post ideas. It doesn’t matter if the list is on paper or your phone.

Write or type down your ideas as soon as you have a good one. On days when you lack inspiration, you can apply these suggestions.


When it’s difficult for you to come up with blog topic ideas, don’t give up. Inspiration can be found everywhere! On your website, online, and in the outside world.

Sometimes all it takes is a shift in viewpoint or strategy, and you can resume writing right away inspirational blogs.

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