Is Guest Blogging Still a Useful SEO Strategy

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Guest blogging remains an important part of any SEO strategy to get a website at the top of Google. We give you plenty of reasons why you should keep writing blogs for your website and keep guest blogging. And how exactly do you do that? What do you have to do to write a guest blog as a guest blogger?

The importance of guest blogging for SEO is still high. A survey of SEO specialists from more than 2,000 companies showed that 64.6% of companies experienced more success with SEO.

Guest blogging is the activity of guest bloggers writing blogs or articles for websites other than their own. They do this to get more exposure or to collect backlinks.

What is guest blogging for SEO?

Guest blogging is certainly still of added value. Even the big companies do guest blogging! Of course, they don’t do that for anything. With guest blogging, you increase the domain authority of both the writer himself and of a web page via the backlinks. Quality here means quality content, accompanied by at least an image and a video, or a few images. A few links to additional information, which is not directly related to your site, can also be relevant.

Start guest blogging

Do you remember the reason why you started guest blogging? It is important to pause for a moment. This is the only way you can write a relevant guest blog and determine which websites you want your guest blog to be featured on. This is again important to achieve an optimal return on your guest blogs.

Why guest blogging?

  • Collect relevant high-value backlinks for your website
  • Driving extra traffic to your website
  • Recognition as an authority in your industry
  • Guest blogging is good for your brand awareness

If you write the right articles on the right websites, you can achieve all 3 benefits of guest blogging in one fell swoop. If you are primarily after authority for your website through backlinks, you must write on high-authority blogs. Pay particular attention to the domain authority and a lesser extent to the Page Authority of the homepage of the blogs.

More reasons to guest blog

Online marketing is all about visibility and ranking. The right audience should read your blog or guest blog. However, that is not so easy. It is up to you to find the target group and to be present where your target group is. This could be a popular website in your industry or an influencer account.

The Disadvantages of Guest Blogging

There are also professionals, who are not fans of guest blogging. They find the following drawbacks to guest blogging:

  • It is extremely difficult to put yourself in the target group if you are not in that target group yourself
  • Guest blogging takes a lot of time and extra effort
  • It takes a long time to get results
  • It’s hard to stand out with a guest blog and write quality content

However, at TextProz we can make it easier for you with a quality blog writing service.

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To get to the top of Google you need backlinks. You may have nice content on your website, but without good backlinks, it’s pretty useless. If your guest blog is hard to find, the number of readers will be minimal and that’s a waste of the labor you put into it. SEO Backlinks are linked from other websites that point to yours. These backlinks form the basis of Google’s algorithm and contribute to your position in the search engine for the keywords that are relevant to you. If your website authority is still very low, guest blogging can be a very good way to get more backlinks and a higher domain authority as a result. You must write guest blogs for websites in the same niche. It doesn’t matter if these links are a bit smaller than your own. A backlink from a small website in your niche that is very similar to your website is much more valuable than a backlink from a link farm. You don’t need to have thousands of links, by the way. As so often, backlinks are also about quality rather than quantity.

Connect with high-profile blogs, the leaders in the industry

Guest blogs are most effective if you post a single guest post on each site. It is therefore more important to build connections with many bloggers, rather than having a single blog that you guest blog on over and over. First, start by researching the blog you want to publish and see if you can make a sincere personal compliment. Then write a long guest blog. Make sure this is your best work. The guest blog should be informative or entertaining. This of course depends on the industry. Don’t make it a sales pitch for your business. Readers can see right through this. Repeat the process for each blog. It is often worth hiring a content writer or taking the services of a content writing agency. If you’re trying to move to a lesser-known country, an agency can save you a lot of time by knowing the right, authoritative websites to contact and organize writers and topic ideas.

Make sure your guest blogs are of high quality

Your readership and the search engines like Google and Bing know what to look out for when it comes to ‘spam links’. A high-quality guest blog should offer the reader something unique. This can be new information that is presented or an argument that has not been singled out and explained. It can also be a clarified concept. Remember, high-quality content will be read, absorbed, and distributed.

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Guest blogging in the right places

After creating a high-quality guest blog, the next step is to find the right communication platform/blog. Have you made sure that these relevant blog sites also do their part to appeal to their readership? Therefore, post on sites where the guest blogger is more involved with the public. Identify which websites are credible and best suited for your business. Check out the blog site at:

  • Height of domain authority (DA)
  • High Trust Flow (TF)
  • Number of visitors

In addition, use your common sense. Look for blogging sites that update their subscribers when they post something new. This could just be your guest blog. Writing on the wall is often whether there is a quick response to reactions on social media. Blog sites with active and engaged followers are also more likely to engage with your content. This can bring a good amount of referral traffic to the blog or your website.

Creating content with lasting relevance

Many guest posting strategies choose to focus on creating “evergreen content,” or blogs, that maintain their relevance for months or even years to come. It is also sometimes worthwhile to publish content that is in line with current or seasonal events. These can see a surge of blogs at certain times of the year. For example, if you have a website dedicated to running, you could write a guest blog advising runners about “safe running in winter.” While this may not get a lot of attention in the spring and summer, it’s still a topic with potential longevity as it becomes relevant every year. In addition to having a thoughtful guest blogging strategy, it is also always important to be vigilant when it comes to adapting to unforeseen events: good business sense means being prepared to make changes when necessary.

Make sure concrete results determine your next move

Marketing strategies evolve based on what has worked best, and your approach to guest blogging should be no different. Remember, the success of a post can’t just be tracked by the number of times it’s shared on social media. While getting a high number of shares might be like the blog host, they don’t always correlate with the success of a post to generate business for you or improve your ranking in Google. It’s almost impossible to track the effectiveness of each guest blog individually as you don’t know how many visits many of them get as they will be on a huge number of different sites.

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Google Analytics

To measure the effectiveness of your guest blogging campaign, instead use a tool like Google Analytics to help you measure how much traffic your site receives, both from referral traffic and your higher ranking in the search engines. This can help you determine your strategy in the future. Posting guest blogs is as relevant as ever in today’s world, but must be approached carefully to maximize its effectiveness. Prioritizing relevant, high-quality content and identifying the most appropriate websites with the highest authority to post to is paramount. As with other areas of your business, taking a strategic approach based on your development plan and coupled with careful data analysis will get you the results you need in the guest blogging.

How do you find the best websites and blogs to guest blog on?

The first thing to look out for is whether the websites/blogs are in the same industry as you, regardless of whether they want to post your articles. If these are not to the liking of a site’s readership, they will hardly be read, if at all. Also, the value of the backlinks in your articles will be much less. It will always be niche backlinks by the text in your articles but that is not comparable to targeted blogs where the entire content of the blog corresponds to your industry. Additional advantages are if you know that articles on a site are distributed via social media and if the websites have a large group of readers, they can promote your articles even more via social media to their contacts.

If you know your industry well, you will probably notice that certain names of writers keep coming back. It pays to research which websites they prefer to blog on. You can find it by doing a Google search with the author’s name and “a guest blog by”, or “guest article by”.

Conclusions about guest blogging

Our conclusion is that guest blogging has more advantages than disadvantages, provided that sufficient attention is paid to several principles. Make sure that the guest blog is of the same high quality as if you are posting a blog on your website.

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