How to Write Great Landing Page Content That Converts

Website landing page layout

You don’t get two chances to make a good first impression. This is why the homepage of your site is the one that requires the most care! Here are some tips that will help you create effective landing page content that lives up to your business.

How to properly structure web page content

The landing page or the services page of your website should give an overview of what your site contains and make you want to go further. It must therefore contain a little of each important element. As for its structure, your creative freedom depends on how you design your website. Two methods are common:

  1. You have purchased a theme that you will modify a little. We advise you then to start from the predesigned sections of the home page of your theme and fill these sections with your text. This way of doing things works well for new writers.
  2. You are engaged with a graphic designer or developer who will create a custom site for you.In this case, you have more freedom and can determine which sections to display on the home page.

Here are some examples of sections that we can find, in addition to the menu and the footer:

  • An image accompanied by a title (and a subtitle, if necessary)
  • A carousel featuring three or more rotating images and titles
  • A professional presentation video
  • An introductory paragraph or two that says what you can do for your customers
  • A brief description of your business
  • An overview of your services
  • An overview of your accomplishments
  • The main points that differentiate you from your competitors
  • Some flattering testimonials
  • Some stats and data that testify to your success (number of customers, market share, number of products sold, etc.)
  • A brief presentation of your team

Don’t include all of these sections, though, because your homepage would be too heavy to read. Select the sections that seem most relevant and advantageous to you.

In addition, you have to understand what you are getting at first glance. The most important and easy-to-understand points should therefore be at the top of the page. Then the sections should be placed in descending order of importance.

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Keep It Brief

Brevity, brevity, brevity: we cannot repeat this enough when it comes to the home page and other landing pages! Several studies of Internet users’ reading behaviour indicate that they tend to skim content rather than read it linearly. In addition, the trend, both in graphic design and in professional writing, is towards purification and simplicity.

So any section that needs further investigation should link to a more detailed page. The call to action should be clear: “Buy”, “Learn more”, “Try for free”, etc.

The tone of Landing Page Content

The home page is the perfect place to establish your company’s impression. So you can choose ways to present your content that reflect your colors.

The tone is mainly determined by:

  • Choice of vocabulary
  • Sentence length
  • Language level (familiar, standard, or advanced)
  • Figures of speech (puns, exaggerations, metaphors, etc.)

Before choosing the tone to use, think about your target audience. Is it made up of young students, parents, professionals, or academics? We do not address these people in the same way. Also, do you want to project a dynamic, calm, trendy, professional, serious, or funky image? Your answers will guide your entire writing. Learn more about marketing personas.

Here are three examples of great landing pages that illustrate the wise use of tone:


Apple is the master of purification. Short sentences, clear calls to action, an attractive image, as we often say, “Brevity is the soul”.

Apple watch content example

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Keep SEO in Mind

In your creative drive to stand out and show your personality, don’t lose sight of the basic principles of search engine optimization, or SEO Content. The home page is one of the cornerstones of your site. It must be rich in relevant keywords that will facilitate its indexing by search engines.

Pro Tip: Write Home Page at the End

A good journalist chooses his title after having finished writing an article. Similarly, you should write your home page when you have finished writing all the other pages (About, Services, Products, Contact Us, and others). The reason is simple: you have an overview of what your site contains and can make the most of all this work to display it on the home page.

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Jack Hamilton edits the client work and regularly devices strategies for B2B, and B2C, campaigns. Jack also trains new content writers and with his expertise guides them through the content development phases.

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