How To Use LinkedIn For Successful B2B Content Marketing

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LinkedIn is part of the world’s largest business network. More than 875 million users and affluent decision-makers from a wide variety of industries romp about here, whom you can inspire with your solutions and products through targeted LinkedIn marketing. The career platform makes a wide variety of advertising formats available for this, but content marketing on the company side is also useful. Especially for B2B marketing, it is worthwhile for companies to optimize their own LinkedIn performance and invest in ads in a targeted manner to drive their business forward.

To get started with LinkedIn marketing, we will now show you the 8 best tips on how to convince users on LinkedIn.

Our tips for marketing on LinkedIn

Tip #1: Start with your employees

LinkedIn is a social network and your reach is largely determined by the number of followers. Therefore, in the beginning, encourage your employees to register on LinkedIn and link to your company page, stating their employer and their position. In addition to more followers, you will achieve that your company will be noticed and given a face. Because: Employees who state their position and employer are displayed directly on the company website.

Your employees don’t have a LinkedIn profile? Why not offer a training session where you explain the relevance of the platform and bring your goals closer to the employees?

Tip #2: Publish regular and relevant content

It doesn’t always have to be the content you create yourself that you share on LinkedIn. Specialist articles relevant to your target group or exciting insights from external sources can also attract attention. As always with content, the following applies: it must fit the target group and your company. Sure, cat content is cute and popular, but it might not be the right choice on LinkedIn. Current news, changes, and trends appropriate to the industry are definitely the better choice.

Understand your audience and their issues and needs, and post content that helps your network or that makes your audience think.

You can publish content you have written yourself via the Pulse publishing platform. You can easily create native content via the News Feed under “Write an article”.

But it is also important that you are active regularly. The main thing is to share varied content. So don’t rest on your laurels when it comes to successful postings, but regularly think about what you will publish next. One post per week is a good start, but it can be more as long as it is relevant.

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Tip #3: Don’t just use text formats for content marketing

Pictures say more than a thousand words, this also applies to LinkedIn. Sure, a copy is informative and allows you to share your content. But keep in mind that there are many people sharing their content on the platform. In the best-case scenario, you have to stand out from the crowd with your content and this rarely works with pure text content. With suitable images, exciting graphics, or YouTube videos, you can reach more users and gain attention.

Tip #4: Use LinkedIn groups

Surely you still know Facebook groups. This possibility of topic-specific groups is also available on LinkedIn. Not only can you expand your network with particularly relevant contacts, but you can also get current insights and news that your target group can exchange information about. If you are active in groups that fit your industry, you can also establish yourself as an expert and receive attention from other important multipliers.

Of course, you also have the opportunity to create your own LinkedIn groups to exchange ideas and talk about important topics in your field. Here, however, you have to reckon with a greater effort, because you are the moderator and therefore responsible for the content and conversations within the group.

What is a B2B content marketing agency?

B2B content marketing agency develops a long-term content strategy that drives demand, creates brand awareness, and establishes trust with potential buyers.

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People are sitting around a table and talking about LinkedIn content marketing.Tip #5: Gain more reach with LinkedIn Ads

You have the option of placing paid ads on LinkedIn, which you can perfectly adapt to your target group thanks to targeted targeting. Various ad formats are available to you for this purpose:

Sponsored Content: is displayed directly in the target group’s LinkedIn feed – either as a single image, video, or carousel ad

Message Ads: personal LinkedIn messages that are sent to relevant customers

Dynamic ads: can be personalized for each target group, based on profile data – as a follower ad, spotlight ad, or job ad

Text ads: as PPC (pay-per-click) or CPM ads (cost per impression)

The platform offers you numerous targeting options so that the LinkedIn ads really reach the right target group. This allows you to precisely define your target group.

Key LinkedIn targeting options:

  • Location
  • Age and gender
  • Industry and field of activity
  • Company size
  • Career Level
  • Lookalike Audience
  • Interests and much more!

Tip #6: Learn from LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to check the performance of your site and gain important information about the effectiveness of your presence. With LinkedIn’s analytics tool, you can, for example, get more information about your followers and page visitors, for example, when your posts are read on average and which content formats perform best.

For example, website demographics can help you determine the professional characteristics of your website visitors, get to know your target audience better, and then provide even more targeted content to reach the right customers.

With these insights, you can constantly improve your LinkedIn presence and know how to become even more successful in the future. Especially if you run ads on LinkedIn, you should track campaign performance and conversions and learn more about your target audience.

Central key figures for LinkedIn Ads can be:

  • Clicks and CTR
  • Impressions
  • Conversions and conversion rate
  • Cost per conversion
  • Number of leads
  • Cost per lead

Tip #7: Use showcase pages to address the target group

With Showcase Pages, you can deal with selected topics related to your company on up to ten separate focus pages. You are free to choose the topic and design the pages yourself. With these focus pages; you can target your content even more specifically to a relevant target group in order to reduce wastage.

The showcase pages can be found on your company page under “Related Pages” and offer you the opportunity to focus on individual business areas, products, or company insights.

Tip #8: Try to understand the LinkedIn algorithm

Algorithms are often never completely understood. This is the case with Google and also with the LinkedIn algorithm. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to deal with its (known) functionality. A special feature, for example, is the strict spam filter, which consistently sorts out low-quality content. On the other hand, if a post makes it into the News Feed, the interaction values are measured. If a post performs well, the credibility and relevance of the content are evaluated. If the values are correct here too, the contribution is also checked by editors. So the rule is: Look at successful posts to find out what is well received and optimize your posts based on these examples.

But it is also important that if a post receives a lot of attention, it is displayed to an increasing number of users. Do you need support, advice, or help? Then simply contact us and arrange a free consultation!

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