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Sometimes a few words are enough to change your opponent’s mind in a heated discussion and to convince them of your opinion. Long strands of argument and complicated trains of thought, on the other hand, are often tiring and cause your conversation partner to think: “Now get to the point!”

Things are no different in online marketing: Creative copywriting and convincing microcopy writing can inspire your target group with your product and turn potential buyers into regular customers. But while we can’t praise the efficiency of well-written and detailed texts enough, we’re forgetting that little miracle cure that has a big impact: microcopy.

These are short snippets of text that are more important to your marketing strategy than you think. In this article, we clarify the question of what the probably smallest but most promising elements of your online shop are all about, where we encounter them and, above all, what a good microcopy looks like.

What is microcopy writing?

You are looking for a new yoga mat and with a click, on the first search result you land on the homepage of an online shop, which greets you with a tempting invitation: “Sign up for our newsletter and grab a 15% discount on your next one Purchasing.” Jackpot! In just a few seconds, your credit will land in your mailbox and the next moment you will be lost in the large selection of equipment for your upcoming yoga class.

Did you notice what happened? The shop didn’t have to do much more than use the right words to draw you in and turn you – a curious prospect – into a buyer. It won’t be long before your new yoga mat is in your shopping cart. May we introduce this is microcopy – also called UX writing. And the effect of these small text elements should not be underestimated.

From the button to register for the newsletter to the link to the About Us page to the continuation to the product range: If implemented correctly, these building blocks have great persuasive power and have an enormous impact on the user experience of your website visitors. In the next step, let’s look at where we meet the secret heroes of online marketing.

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Where is microcopy used?

So far we have only talked about the home page of the online provider of yoga materials, but you have already guessed it: the online shop also has subpages – from the About Us page to the selection of products and the imprint. As a visitor, we are guided through the realm of the shop operator when we click on all the buttons that are distributed on our computer or smartphone screen. They are similar to the traffic signs that show us the way on the street. As a result, your potential customers will encounter them throughout their customer journey.

The said text snippets are also part of the journey your visitors embark on your website. If online shoppers’ favorite product, which they found after a long search in a shop, is no longer available, they often have the opportunity to express their interest in the product by clicking on the respective button: “Let me know if this article is within reach again.” As soon as the product becomes available again, they will be notified and the story will have a happy ending.

The journey continues even after the successful shopping experience in the online shop. You know the drill: You place your order and there’s a knock on your email door. The subject of the order or shipping confirmation also falls under the category of microcopy and accompanies your buyers in their user experience. So they deserve just as much attention as your product descriptions, which present your range to your desired customers. Why? The answer is simple.

Why is microcopy so important?

As an online shop operator, you can only benefit from the right microcopy writing service: the small text modules direct your target group and, in the best case, direct them to the checkout. But let’s slowly approach it and take a closer look at the advantages of UX writing.

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Show that you can be counted on

From the homepage to the shopping cart, your visitors must be given the feeling that they – and their wallets – are in good hands with you. This is not least possible with the information that you provide about your products. Where were your items made? Were they really fairly produced? A button that leads to a sub-page that educates your customers about the manufacturing process of your products can give your potential customers the confidence they need to buy from you.

Show your visitors the way

An online shop with a huge range of shoes for every taste is a dream come true for passionate shopping fans. But what makes the dream show even better is the option to filter the offer. The best thing to do is when you enter the shop: With the help of a microcopy, you can read your visitors’ wishes from the buttons and give them exactly what they are looking for. A search bar not only gives your customers the security that their wishes will be taken seriously but also leads them to their goals much faster. Feel free to make suggestions to your customers so that they feel understood and in good hands.

Guide your visitors to checkout

An appealing design and product photos that are a feast for the eyes of your potential customers: Sure, these are all aspects that give your visitors a good first impression of your product. But how about a few good arguments that convince your desired customers to go to the checkout with their desired product.

How do you write a good microcopy?

We’ve convinced you of the power of microcopy, but you don’t know how to go about it? To write a good microcopy, you should consider the following tips:

Know the problems of your desired customers

The first step to a good product is to know your target audience inside and out. This also applies to the texts that you create to convince the online world of your offer. Knowing what challenges your visitors struggle with on a day-to-day basis will help you find the right words to get potential buyers to fill their carts with your items.

Give your customers help

A frustrating shopping experience is more likely to keep your visitors from entering your online store than returning them excited. Therefore, offer your help with every step that website visitors take in your shop.

An advantage of short text elements is that they can be placed anywhere on your website. For example, provide your potential customers with a virtual sizing guide who can spit out the perfect size for them with just a few quick questions. This not only saves your customers time but also shows that you are capable of solving their problems.

Use clear language

Solving problems goes hand in hand with clear and understandable language. Technical jargon has no place in UX writing and means that your visitors come out of the shopping marathon more confused than they were before. Put yourself in the shoes of your target group and meet them as equals. Using technical terms may make you appear more professional, but it doesn’t achieve the goal of giving your visitors clear answers to their questions.

Set your tone

You could actually describe it as a law of nature: Our purchase decisions are very closely linked to our emotions. With the right texts, you can easily address the feelings of your potential customers – no matter how short and sweet they are. After all, as a buyer, you don’t want to feel like you’re talking to your class teacher about your oral grade.

A friendly tone undoubtedly helps your customers feel safe with you. And to trigger this feeling in your customers, you have less space with microcopy than with longer texts. Use it and pick up your visitors with meaningful words.

Small words, big effect

The power of small words: Elevate your marketing strategy with microcopy.

Who would have thought that a few letters could have such a big impact on the buying behaviour of online surfers? You don’t have to be an experienced writer or an accomplished poet to find the right words that will convince your potential customers of you and your product. A well-written and properly placed call-to-action is enough to convey credibility and authority.

It is obvious that content writing is an important part of your marketing strategy, but the texts that find space in your online shop are not limited to blog posts, product descriptions or information texts. Even if they make an enormous contribution to your web authority, they like to work hand in hand with small boilerplates that are scattered throughout your web presence – and get the whole thing straight to the point.

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