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9 out of 10 real estate projects start online. In other words, the first points of contact for prospective sellers and buyers are digital. How can a real estate agent or agency advertise to its customers to successfully launch and sell a real estate project? A well-planned real estate content marketing strategy is the answer to this.

What is Real Estate Content Marketing?

Marketing content is built on all the information created and distributed to prospects and customers. This is both informative and educational content providing valuable answers to the questions and the information they are seeking.

It can first take the form of optimized blog articles, or a well-orchestrated presence on social networks with advice on how to sell your property at the best price and as soon as possible.

Then it comes to the newsletter to convert it into a client who requests a quote. This illustrates how content and different formats implement the content strategy at different stages of the customer journey.

The Goals of Real Estate Content Marketing

There are many of them because you have different options at your disposal.

Among the main objectives are: attract new prospects, generate traffic and develop your visibility; create immediacy; create an image of an essential expert in your sector in the minds of your prospects; transform your prospects into qualified prospects; build customer loyalty by continuing to provide them with relevant information; and generate leads. However, a well-defined content strategy precedes content marketing.

5 Prerequisites for Defining Your Content Strategy

Like any strategy, it is necessary to prepare the base to start.

1. Choose your objective

You cannot chase several goals at the same time, especially if you are new to the real estate business.

The various objectives listed ultimately contribute to developing the essential: to acquire new motivated clients to win more exclusive orders.

2. Understand your targets

Rely on the information collected during your field campaigns. This is the only way for your content strategy to be effective. Take the time to dig. Go into detail about the different profitable potential areas. You will then see that the expectations of first-time buyers, or those of the owners of large family homes in your area, are not the same as those you had in mind.

You also have to take note of the different stages that your prospects go through on digital before arriving face to face for an appointment.

When it focuses on developing your visibility, content strategy is built around keywords. You won’t choose the right ones if you don’t know your target perfectly.

3. Have a well-defined personal branding

Your communication on the different media must be consistent to take full advantage of the positive effects of recurrence. You have to think and lay the foundations of your branding before launching your content production. From your post on Facebook to the flyer that you deliver door to door, your prospect must immediately understand that it is the same expert real estate advisor.

4. Plan time slots in your diary to be regular

Content marketing is not a one-time game. For it to become a channel for acquiring your prospects, you have to build it daily. It is associated with the term digital marketing or online marketing. In the same way as your field, you must position your content production in your plan. An editorial calendar quickly becomes essential to distribute your content regularly at the right time and in the right place.

5. Use the right tools

A regularly updated customer base and content marketing automation to manage your emails will become your best friends. For your customer base, you can start with a spreadsheet.

The Essentials for the Success of a Content Strategy in Real Estate

Ask yourself what your potential clients want to have as advice: you have to focus on the needs of your potential customers. Your actions on the ground should give you a clear idea of ​​the questions that come up most often in the mouths of real estate sellers and buyers. Here are some examples. You must implement them to your plan, your market, and your target audience type.

Content strategy to attract sellers

You will start with content that includes: how to highlight your property for a sale; the work to be planned to optimize the sale of his property; the detailed stages of a sale; an update on the evolution of regulations related to sales; the mistakes not to make to sell quickly and at the right price; a property market guide to the area; advice on the maintenance of a property.

Content strategy to attract buyers

The essentials of a good strategy; an infographic on the local real estate market; how to properly assess your purchase budget; how to carry out an effective visit; the conditions for buying your first property well; how to invest well to rent; an update on the regulations and legislation governing landlord/tenant relations.

At the moment, for most real estate advisers, the lack of supply of properties encourages them to develop content for sellers as a priority. But the market can always turn around. Stay on standby to keep your content production in sync.

The Most Used Real Estate Content Marketing Solutions

To deliver the right content to the right people at the right time, you have a wide range of content solutions at your disposal. At TextProz content writing services, you got 50+ solutions to pick from. Not all of them meet the same objectives, but their combination allows you to develop visibility and conversion at the same time.

Here are the ones that give the best results for real estate.

Blog posts

Blog posts generate traffic provided they are optimized for it. For this, they must answer your prospects’ questions using the keywords they use to do their research. But beyond responding to the research intentions of your users, sellers, and buyers, they must provide quality information. This format allows you an in-depth response and allows you to showcase your expertise. It allows you to be both impactful and memorable.

Guides & white papers

Guides and white papers are the most common lead magnet format, to get the email address and contact details of potential customers.

Real estate marketing videos

Videos are one of the most popular formats. The success of YouTube and its development of video on social networks illustrate this well. The video is a suitable medium to promote your advice or your daily life as a real estate advisor.

By putting you in the spotlight, it establishes a more human contact, quickly creates closeness, and allows you to gain the trust of your customers.

Social media posts on Facebook or Instagram

Social media has the potential of bringing your sales prospects to reach your message and at the same time interact directly with you. It allows you to directly measure the commitment you will generate.

The newsletter

Email newsletter is the format that reinforces the link with your prospect. It is with him that you will develop commitment and create a real community of sales prospects.

Digital PR

Press release has remained effective means of communication to carry your message and make an impression. They are all the more effective so when you have already done content marketing efforts for quite a time.

The Secret Weapon of Content Marketing

Reusing your content in the different formats you use will save you from exhaustion and would optimize your time.

For example, a researched blog article on best practices for showcasing your property can become the starting point for several newsletters.

Of course, this mainly concerns content whose objective is to highlight your expertise. But we strongly encourage you to put your content ideas on an editorial calendar. You better visualize the possible variations in the different content formats you have chosen.

A successful real estate content marketing strategy requires an investment of time and step-by-step progression. But you will gain visibility and especially by obtaining much more qualified contacts.

Are you unable to get regular visitors to your real estate website and business? Contact TextProz for a personalized analysis, content strategy, and a robust real estate content marketing plan.

Jack Hamilton edits the client work and regularly devices strategies for B2B, and B2C, campaigns. Jack also trains new content writers and with his expertise guides them through the content development phases.

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