What is the Right Length for SEO Content

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You will quickly find out that the content of a website has long been a decisive criterion for the placement of a page on Google. Experts also agree that SEO content in the classic sense no longer exists, because content that consists of the same keyword no longer has a chance of a good ranking on Google.

Google’s primary goal is to satisfy its users with suitable content for the search query – keywords user signals and user experience. And that doesn’t work with hard-to-read, outdated SEO content.

But what is the right length for SEO content? As far as the correct SEO content length is concerned, there is not quite as much agreement. If you ask an SEO expert how long an SEO content needs to be to score on Google, the answer will probably be: “It depends.” But on what? Especially on the search intention and the context!

Does that mean there is no such thing as a specific content length that guarantees good SEO content? The answer is (unfortunately): No! “But…but…how…?” We explain it to you!

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There is no one correct content length for Google

Studies on the optimal content length of SEO content come to very different conclusions: older studies speak of a maximum length of 300 words, while more recent studies identify a longer optimal word length for top rankings.

According to a recent study, an average word count of 1,447 come among the top searches, there are many other criteria for top rankings on Google.

These include, for example, the number of backlinks or fast loading times. So the length of the content is by no means the only decisive factor for good placement. Many ranking factors affect placement in search results.

When it comes to the length of the content, don’t follow the guidelines, but rather the needs of your readers!

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How to find the perfect length for SEO Content:

There isn’t one perfect length of content that websites need to rank well. But you can use various other factors as a guide to content length. We’ll show you what they are now!

Tip 1: Check competitors

Pages that rank in the top 10 for a search term are doing something right. Therefore, you should always look at the top-ranked competitors in the search results before creating the content. Do you find short, crisp information there or is a topic covered holistically with long content?

Tip 2: Check keywords

Before writing, you usually do keyword research to find suitable search terms that are interesting for your customers. Here you should already see which keywords you can treat together in one container. A website ranks for several keywords at the same time. Information on whether you should write your content for a keyword is given by the competitor’s pages that rank on page 1, which you can analyze more closely with an SEO tool such as Ahrefs.

Tip 3: Use of graphics and visual content

Websites often rank for a search term not only because of good content but also because they have exciting graphics, explanatory videos, or the right images on the page. Always check which different media are displayed for a search query. If the top 3 pages have videos and lots of pictures on the topic on your page, a pure content landscape is probably not enough to achieve a good ranking on Google.

Tip 4: Offer unique content

With all the research into what the employees are doing, one might be inclined to simply copy the content. It is somehow obvious that this does not work. Because readers want unique content that offers them added value.

There is often so much to say on a topic that all of the top 10 offer different approaches and content. Of course, overlaps cannot be avoided, but you should always try to find your approach to the topic. For example, search for current studies, and news on the subject or report as an expert on your own experiences. Interviews with experts or your studies are also popular, depending on the topic. Your creativity knows no limits!

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Tip 5: Keep an eye on the content format

Unfortunately, there is no general answer to the ideal SEO content length, but it does make a difference whether you write a blog post, a glossary entry, or a product description.

While the main thing on a landing page is to say as much as possible with just a few words and to encourage the customer to buy, blog articles are usually much more extensive and should provide all the information on a topic. Space is limited for product descriptions in the online shop; bullet point lists are particularly popular here. Depending on the content format, you should also adjust the content length. Here, too, the following always applies quality before quantity!

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