How To Write Service Page Content For Your Business Website

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The services page is kind of the heart of your website because they are vital for your business. Their drafting requires special attention, both from the point of view of structure and content. If you don’t know where to start, this article will give you some good tips.

How do structure the service pages?

As a business, you probably offer a variety of services. Start by listing your services: this will be your starting point.

Next, from a structural point of view, the best way to write service page content is to create a general page that presents all of your services, and then a page for each particular service. This will allow you to highlight specific, searched keywords associated with each popular service.

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How to divide the services?

At this point, you have the list of your services. For ease of use, I recommend selecting anywhere from two to nine if you have a basic site.

The best way to divide services is based on the results of a search. TextProz SEO specialist can provide you with a list of keywords searched by your potential customers. You will see what most in demand is and can choose which services deserve a full page or not. Your less sought-after services may carve out a niche on the page of more popular related services.

Beware of preconceived ideas:

sometimes, we think that a valuable service in our eyes is very popular when in reality; it is little sought after on the Internet by customers. Internet users are more likely to seek services relating to their requirements, whereas most service providers take it more technical.

So how to write service page content? By displaying the most popular services, in the order of interest, and ideally in the words of Internet users. Then, you will dedicate an entire page to each.

Write The General Page of Services

On the general page, we want to understand what you are doing at first glance. You could write a paragraph of no more than 50 words that describes all of your services, and then introduce each of them in one or two short sentences. Each service must contain a link leading to the page dedicated to it.

General page of services template

Write Keywords Focused Services Pages

This is where the Keywords jump in! Here are some recommendations to write service page content.

  1. It is usually advisable to choose one main keyword per page. Place the primary keyword
  • In the page title (H1)
  • At least one of the subtitles (H2)
  • Use in the body of the text a few times
  • In metadata: page title, description, and keyword tags
  1. Sprinkle your text with synonyms and secondary keywords. Search engine algorithms are increasingly sophisticated and take into account the relevance of a set of related words.

To help you know how to write service page content, ask yourself how people talk when discussing the services you provide. For example, people who want to renovate their kitchen could search Google for:

  • How much does a kitchen renovation cost?
  • What are the different types of countertops?
  • How do get a kitchen renovation plan?

By answering these various questions briefly and naturally, you will appear as a useful company for the customer. Google gives a special place to FAQs on the first page, so adding an FAQ section can be beneficial.

  1. Keep it short and offer helpful content. Internet users do not want to know how good you are. They are looking for what solution you can bring to their problem. If you have a lot to say about one of your services (history, specific techniques, advice, etc.), adding a blog to your site could be particularly interesting for you — and which would pay off from an SEO point of view.
  2. Do not hesitate to insert internal links (also called “internal linking”), i.e. which point to other pages of your site. In addition to introducing your related services to your potential customers, they make sure to extend their visit time to your site, an indicator taken into account by search engines.
  3. Lead the user by ending with a call to action. When the reader has found what they are looking for — a solution to their problem — their next action should be very clear:
  • Ask for a quote
  • Schedule a call
  • Make an appointment
  • Make a purchase

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Watch Out For Copies of Content

Do you lack inspiration? It is allowed to go snooping on the site of your competitors; it is easier but harmful! You must avoid copying the content of another site since you will be penalized by Google’s algorithms. Take inspiration from the best, but rephrase the content in your own words.

Writing service page content (A job not to be taken lightly)

When writing an entire website, our writers like to start with writing the services pages first. This allows us to dive directly into the heart of the company and to shine its particularities on all the other pages of the site. We suggest you do the same.

So take the time to properly structure your pages and think about their content. Have them proofread by expert proofreaders. Finally, remember that you are looking to show what solutions you provide to Internet users to solve their problems.

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Jack Hamilton edits the client work and regularly devices strategies for B2B, and B2C, campaigns. Jack also trains new content writers and with his expertise guides them through the content development phases.

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