How To Write The Most Engaging Social Media Posts – TextProz

How To Write The Most Engaging Social Media Posts - TextProz

Social media has become an integral part of brand communication. And yet the same questions keep coming up in everyday life: What is the best way to place to use social media for business advantage? How to write good social media posts that get noticed? We have some advice for you on what distinguishes good social media posts.

Billions of people currently use one or more social media platforms. This means that almost half of humanity is connected in some way via a digital platform. Social media is a powerful tool to interact directly with potential customers, but also to strengthen and promote a brand.

Among these networks, Facebook is still the social media leader. The video platform YouTube follows is in second place. The messenger app WhatsApp took third place. In fourth place is the Facebook subsidiary Instagram. The next most used network worldwide is Twitter. And then there are plenty of others like TikTok, Snapchat, and Reddit.

How to determine social media success and failure

First of all: The recipe for good social media posts does not exist. There are certainly some important guidelines that offer orientation, and also social media writing services. Because although a large number of different platforms are available on the market, some with very different approaches, they all have one thing in common: each of the social networks has its communities. This means: There are different rules and principles; a business’ Facebook page is different from a fashion influencer’s TikTok community.

But this discrepancy also exists within the different channels of a single network. It is therefore definitely not advisable to post content in the same form.

Tip #1 – Know Your Communities

To publish successful posts on social media, social media managers should know the respective communities. There are always many examples of posts that achieve extremely high reach. Getting to know the communities usually takes place via an important factor that is often neglected in the fast pace of the Internet: time. Many very well-performing accounts are maintained over a long time by the same people who have developed a good sense of which approach and which content is best.

Tip #2 – Every Single Network Ticks Differently

In addition to the different communities that influence rules, it is also the networks themselves that each function differently. On condition, social media is just the umbrella term for a large number of channels, which are sometimes completely different and follow different principles. In the best case, the respective posts for each channel are not only adapted in terms of form (image size, address, style) but also in terms of content. So ask yourself: Which content goes with which network?

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The so-called cross-posting, simply publishing everything to several accounts at the same time, is considered a bad style and will be disliked by the communities in the long run.

Tip #3 – Content is King

The easiest and safest way to build a community is to score with your content. Good text, photos, videos, podcasts, graphics, or other content will find fans and followers in the long run, regardless of the quality of the social media posts.

The images used should be as strong and expressive as possible. Ideally, you should avoid using stock images and make the page content unique.

Note: Make sure to use the correct image dimensions.

A volleyball player is spinning the volleyball on his finger.

Tip #4 – Less is more

Due to the fast pace of life, texts on social media are rarely actually read. Therefore every word and every character has to fit. In principle, the type of text is very similar to headline writing, where space is also scarce and a crisp message still has to be written. Try using a good social media writing service.

Recent statistics from Facebook and Instagram show that posts with one word and 50 or fewer get the highest engagement. So less is often more.

The same applies to the use of emojis and hashtags and tags. All are important tools but should be used sparingly. Posts with a large number of tagged people or a mass of hashtags are often perceived as spam and tend to be punished until you are creative with them as below.

Social media emojis

Tip #5 – Be tangible

As already mentioned, the imagery contributes to a high level of interaction. It’s important to show your real side. Especially in brand communication, people should be in the foreground. This makes your brand tangible and likeable. The post text should also focus on people and not brands.

Tip #6 – Mobile first

The motto “mobile first” should be self-evident, but in practice, social media posts are often written and published on the computer. As a result, the content on the end devices is displayed differently than expected. Posts are sometimes cut off in the mobile display. In this case, links and important information should be placed as close to the beginning of the post as possible so as not to reduce performance. For this, in turn, it is important to know how the mobile display turns out.

Pro Tip: The 9:16 image format is currently the best image format for all social media platforms that are used on the go, as this brings with it optimal display on the cell phone. The square format has established itself as a compromise because it can be used universally on almost all networks.

Social media mobile post design

Tip #7 – Stay up to date

Trends sometimes change quite quickly. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend following these trends unconditionally. But as a social media manager, you should know what’s happening online. It also happens, again and again, that formats change or new tools are introduced. In order not to miss anything, it pays to follow blogs and news so that you stay up to date.

Tip #8 – Maintain netiquette

Opinions may sometimes differ on this point, but I’m a big fan of friendliness on the internet. That means not making fun of people and not provoking and embarrassing anyone. Even with dubious inquiries and obvious bullying, you should keep your composure and not respond to any provocation. If necessary, there is still the option to block unwanted users.

Pro tip: Concealed humor is very difficult for many people to understand online. As such, I would only recommend irony in social media posts if you know your community very well and know exactly which allusions are understood.

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Shelly Clark works with TextProz as Senior Client Communication Specialist. Shelly also heads the content development team and works with a focus on quality assurance, process improvement, and content R&D.

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