How to Create a Winning Social Media Strategy (8 Pro Tips)

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It’s no longer a secret that social media is having an ever-increasing influence on us. Information and news spread at breakneck speed, good content goes viral, and social media influencers do the marketing for small and large companies alike. The reason is simple: almost everyone uses social media daily, liking pictures and sharing videos – do you too?

So it’s no wonder that more and more companies want to use social media channels to increase their reach, open up new target audiences, or market products. But the range of options is large and the question of which channel is how promising is not easy to answer. Before companies and agencies venture into the social media ocean, a well-thought-out social media strategy is needed as a compass.

Here is how to increase your reach with the right social media strategy.

At the beginning of every journey, there is the question: Where should we go at all? Anyone who starts running aimlessly takes tedious detours, loses energy, or falls down the next cliff out of inattention – to put it somewhat dramatically.

But a clear goal and conscientious planning will give you the security you need to master your social media presence. We give you some tips to help you create an optimal social media strategy for you, your needs, and your goals.

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1. Always keep the goal in mind

Setting goals beforehand is the premise of any social media plan. Only when you know what you expect for your company can you plan your next steps effectively and then measure your success against the set targets.

Realistic goals can be defined with the SMART method, for example.

SMART stands for:

  • Specific: Define goals as specifically as possible
  • Measurable: Determine qualitative and quantitative measurements
  • Attainable: Planned goals should be achievable
  • Relevant: Goals bring a recognizable benefit
  • Time-based: Goals must be planned promptly

2. Define your target audience

To be able to create convincing content, you must first determine who the optimal target audience is and what interests them in social networks. To do this, develop a buyer persona by working out the following demographic characteristics, for example:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Generation
  • Profession
  • Residence
  • Interests
  • Problems and their solutions

This specification helps you to play out exactly the content that is tailored to the needs of your intended target audience.

3. Clear messages, friendly communication

It’s quite logical: If users like your social media presence, they will also like the agency or company behind it. That’s why your content should be universally accessible and easy to digest. Users often scroll through posts on the side; the attention span is relatively short. Therefore, you should pack your content crisply. The so-called “snackable content” is perfectly suited for social media: Short video clips, images, infographics, and short summaries get the content and messages to the point. On top of that, such compact snacks are also shared rather than long posts.

4. Tell a story

Events, experiences, emotions: In social networks, people show what moves them – that’s what makes social media platforms so successful. In this respect, you should also plan clever storytelling in your social media strategy and use it for content marketing. An individual story gives the account a personal touch and appeals to the community emotionally. When it comes to storytelling, it is also important to always remain concise and not to spread the history of the company. Instead, tell them why you like what you do and what values ​​are important to you and your company. Followers will remember this more easily.

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5. Rely on the right social media channels

When it comes to social media accounts, “more” doesn’t necessarily mean “better.” You don’t have to be present on all channels to implement your social media strategy. After all, every one of your appearances must be regularly maintained and updated so that your followers remain loyal to you or new ones join you. Profiles on which nothing happens for months do not exactly invite you to press the “Follow” button.

For example, focus on three platforms that you can attend to with the appropriate attention and regularity. You can also pursue different goals on different platforms. For example:

  • LinkedIn for communicating corporate culture and recruiting
  • Facebook for customer support and competitions
  • Instagram for introducing new products or services

In this way, the various networks fulfil different functions for you and ensure a targeted, recognizable appearance.

If you want to run a social media account successfully, you should not underestimate the time and capacity required. That’s why it’s wiser to serve a few channels optimally than to be only half present on all platforms.

6. Get inspired

What trends are users currently excited about? Which brands are particularly successful and how do they present themselves? And what is the competition doing right now? Observing other performances provides you with regular inspiration. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to copy other accounts. Rather, it is important to find your style and tonality, build it up and reproduce it consistently – because an unmistakable corporate language increases the recognition value. Keeping your finger on the pulse and daring to think outside the box is never wrong.

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7. Create a social media calendar

Meetings, deadlines, and unforeseen problems that need to be solved: In everyday work life, something as “small” as creating a new Instagram post can seem quite unimportant next to all the big to-dos. However, for the success of your social media strategy, you must always provide your accounts with new content or reply to your users’ comments and questions. If you invest the time in clever social media management, you can, for example, pre-produce several posts and publish them at a predetermined time. It also makes sense to split certain social media tasks among several employees.

8. Regularly review your social media strategy

When you first start on social media, you need two things in particular: patience and perseverance. Of course, everyone wants posts to go viral, thousands of followers to subscribe to the account, and the reach to increase immeasurably. The first step is to experiment with the content, find out what works well and build on it, or adjust the global strategy.

Conclusion: A successful social media strategy takes time and dedication

Social networks offer you the opportunity to present your content in a uniquely creative and original way and to win over your target audience. That’s why social media accounts should never just run on the side but should be an integral part of the marketing strategy.

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Shelly Clark works with TextProz as Senior Client Communication Specialist. Shelly also heads the content development team and works with a focus on quality assurance, process improvement, and content R&D.

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