TextProz.com considers that browsing through our site confirms that you agree to the terms and conditions described below. Your relationship with TextProz.com comes under the following clauses:

‣ Original Content

Beyond doubt, TextProz.com provides copyscape passed original content to its customers and we always send copyscape passed reports to ensure that the content is written from scratch. Please note down that the delivered content will be considered as original and written from scratch upon verification from copyscape passed reports.

‣ Images Provided by TextProz.com

Note down that we do provide content with images but these images are not copyrighted images and we would like you to place request explicitly if you really want us to insert copyrighted images. Otherwise, you can never claim that we didn’t provide you original images. Upon explicitly asking for copyrighted images, we would arrange some professional in response.

‣ Limitations of Liability

You can never hold us accountable on the basis of information provided on our site. You will be totally responsible for checking and verifying the information posted on our site. TextProz.com holds no responsibility for any risk or damage caused to you due to the information or material present on the website.

The responsibility to update yourself with the changed content on our site lies on your shoulders because we hold full authority to change any part of our site without informing you.

The material / content on TextProz.com is original and fully copyrighted. You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, or duplicate our content whatsoever. If you do this, then this will be considered as infringement of copyright laws.

 If any loss or damage is caused to TextProz.com due to your unauthorized use of our website, we will deem it a criminal offence and will reserve the right to claim for those damages as well.

 Refund and Cancellation Policy

If a payment mistake is done from our side, then you will be entitled to enjoy full refund amount with regards to the order or number of orders you placed. The same will be applied in case you accidently placed a duplicate order or made a twice payment against a single order.

‣ We are to give you full refund if we answer you that we couldn’t find the relevant writer to perform your task.

In some conditions, you will not be entitled for a full refund but a portion of refund ,provided that the below conditions occur:

 ✔  We will give you 40% refund amount if you ask for a refund under the circumstances
that we have already  assigned the order to a writer and half of the time of deadline has been

✔  We will give you 70% refund amount if you ask for a refund under the circumstances that we have
already assigned the order to a writer and less than half of the time of deadline has been

✔  You will be refunded 90% of your total amount under the circumstances that upon placing your
order, you immediately cancelled it and the order was not assigned to any writer in that
particular time.

You are obligated to inform us within 5 days time if you didn’t receive the order after the agreed deadline date. If you don’t inform us in the said timeframe, you will not be entitled to claim any refund.

Revision Policy

TextProz.com provides you free unlimited revisions to make you satisfy at every stage. But realistically speaking, revisions take bit of a time, and depending on the revision comments, some revisions might take a bit longer due to the complexity involved in the revision. Hence TextProz.com will deliver you the very first revision in 24 hours time at the very least. Almost same time will be consumed for the 2nd revision whereas 72 hours will be taken for 3rd revision and for further revisions.

 Its mandatory for you to provide us with the clear guidelines of your order. If you provide us with the revision comments later on, which don’t match with your initial guidelines, then we hold no responsibility to take up your revision. It will be up to us that either we nullify your revision comments or advise you to place another and attach your revision comments with the new order accordingly.

Please note down that if you ask us for an urgent revision then we will charge you extra for that quick revision.

For any further information, feel free to contact TextProz.com anytime, we are just a click away.