What Is Content Marketing?

content marketing

A Guide to Content Marketing

Content marketing is a wise strategy to attract potential customers and make them aware of your business and brand. The content can be a social media post, video, blog post, or podcast. Most potential customers do preliminary research before they purchase services or products. They may come across your content before deciding to purchase. If your content is creative and attractive, those potential customers are more likely to put their trust in your services or brand and buy your services or products.

content marketing

What Does it Mean by Content Marketing?

This marketing is a kind of inbound marketing that attracts people to your brand with the help of entertaining but useful content. This content usually is text, audio, or video. Content marketing is useful for companies. It helps them build trust and good relationships with their potential customers and makes relationships stronger with the existing ones. As a result, it becomes easier to sell your services or products faster.  Brands doing strong content marketing tend to have fewer customer acquisition costs. This marketing has a snowball effect. Those who use content marketing to attract and catch an audience get higher returns for each piece of content they post or publish.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

Content marketing draws people’s attention to your brand. When you publish a podcast episode, blog post, or video the interested people become acquainted with your services and brand voice. Once you have the audience’s attention, you can form a trusting relationship with customers. As a result, you can make them purchase your services and products.

Types of Content Marketing

There are several types of content marketing you can use in your strategies. Some of the commonly used are.

  • Online Content Marketing
  • Social Media Content Marketing
  • Infographic Content Marketing
  • Blog Content Marketing
  • Podcast Content Marketing
  • Video Content Marketing
  • Paid Ad Content Marketing

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy to help you be more competitive than before. A few of the key benefits are:

  • Increase loyalty as by creating informative content you become a trusted information source.
  • Improve your online presence and visibility by posting relevant content.
  • It helps to generate more leads by targeting customer stages.
  • Build relations with customers and get new customers.
  • Spread awareness about your brand values and mission.

People Involved in Content Marketing and Their Roles

Content marketing involves multiple steps, from thinking of an idea of content and creating that content to distribution and optimization. For this, a well-organized team of content marketing is needed that can change according to the new formats and preferences of the audience. The most common roles and responsibilities in content marketing are the following.

Content creators

They make the content for your strategy of content marketing and are committed to creating high-quality content according to your instructions to meet your requirements.

Some content creators include:

  • Graphic designers
  • Writers
  • Video editors
  • Content strategist
  • SEO strategist

Graphic Designers

They create attractive visuals to gain the interest of an audience. Graphic designers make various content types such as logos, graphics, charts, etc. that match the identity of the client’s brand to attract their potential customers.


Writers write short and long-form content with correct spelling and grammar. They follow Search Engine Optimization practices like writing SEO-friendly blog posts. They give written pieces of content in the form of storytelling to educate the audience about your brand and services to engage and persuade your audience. different kinds of content they usually write are website copy, eBooks, or ad copy.

content marketing

Video Editors

Video editors edit raw video. improve the audio, cut the footage, and make an attractive video. They use scripts to make videos to upload on social media and other different platforms.

Content Strategist

Content strategists manage the strategy of content marketing for a business. They ensure that the content supports the goal of your business. They design, plan, edit, create, and publish content according to their audience’s requirements. Professionals handle content marketing strategy which is supported by content creators’ teams and experts. Here is what the content strategist does:

  • Makes content strategies to move qualified leads via the marketing funnel.
  • Performance measurement and reporting the efforts of the content marketing strategies with different analytics tools.
  • Researchers analyze the trends of customers to gain detailed knowledge about industry trends and hot topics.
  • Collaboration with the content creator team to start the strategy for marketing.

SEO strategist

They search for opportunities for content optimization to appear high on search engines. They aim to attract more organic traffic to the website. They add SEO factors to your content marketing strategy. The SEO strategist’s responsibilities are:

  • Creates briefs for content to guide writers about the requirements of content.
  • Keyword research to know about the relevant searches.
  • Monitoring the metrics that summarize organic search performance to talk about the optimization opportunities.
  • Follows off-page, on-page, and technical SEO practices for websites.


Editors must review the content thought and created by the content-making team. They ensure that the content is mistake-free and meets quality standards as quality content is necessary to grow a business. They also ensure that the created content aligns with the guidelines of the brand to create brand identity and experience. These are several responsibilities of editors:

  • Management of the editorial calendar to schedule the content and ensure its timely publication.
  • Collaboration with content creators to produce and deliver quality standard content.
  • Checking the style, choice of words, tone, and brand voice on the content.
  • Writes or edits the existing content and writes the new content.

Social Media Manager

This person promotes content marketing things on social media to attract and build an audience to finally make their attention towards your website. They possess extensive know-how in marketing strategies for social media to boost audience engagement with the brand. Here are a few things that need to be done by social media managers:

  • Make the content for social media platforms to promote and make your brand visible.  
  • Monitoring and reporting the social media marketing performance whether the efforts are paying off or not.
  • Studies behavior of audience and trends to make new strategies for social media content.
  • Grow the social media community of the brand by posting and increasing the engagement of the audience.


With wise and good content marketing, you can reach your goal of getting a maximum target audience and increasing conversions. Many ways help you to do marketing with the help of content to generate more revenue, increase brand awareness, and recognition, and improve relationships with potential and existing customers. You can add value to your business from every content you make and share.



1. Does my business require a content marketing strategy?

Yes, it may be because without a content marketing strategy, you are not sure where you are heading, and you may be shooting in the dark. You do not measure performance or search opportunities to make the results better.

2. What results should I expect from content marketing?

The results depend on your needs or goals and the efforts you make. Generally, you may expect Brand awareness, more traffic from search and social media, engagement, search visibility, authority, lead generation, lead nurturing, customer retention, and return on investment.

3. What is the cost of content marketing?

The cost may depend on the content type, what your goals and what you aim to achieve, and how fast and quick you want to do it.

4. How can we make our content viral?

No formula can do this instantly. But you can boost your chances if your content is unique, directly addresses a pain point of your audience, and is engaging.

5. Is content marketing different from SCO?

Content marketing is a type of strategy that is used to mainly target users while SEO makes your content accessible to a wider audience.