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Press releases are a classic PR tool. Online press release writing services and distribution offer good solutions for attracting more attention on the web. But how do you write perfect press releases that also work well on the Internet?

Online media offer many new opportunities for companies to distribute their PR messages through many different channels and to achieve more reach. Online press releases can be published on the Internet by one’s hand and thus the content can be controlled in-house. The published PR texts reach media contacts as well as customers and interested parties directly via press portals, topic blogs, industry websites, and social media networks. The portals bring the news to the search engines and from there to interested readers.

People are looking for information and news

People mainly use the Internet to find out about current and interesting news and topics and to discuss the content with other users. Internet users use search engines such as Google to research information and products.

Search engines provide Internet users with relevant and up-to-date information. Therefore, it is important to be present in the search engines and to get a good ranking, and not only with your website, because only a fraction of potential customers find their way directly to the homepage. It is much more important to be visible wherever the target audience is present. And that means setting up touch points via numerous websites, portals, and websites through which customers and interested parties can find interesting information and establish contact.

Online press releases should therefore always be optimized for important search terms and the job is usually done by an expert press release writer. As a result, the message texts can be better assigned to the appropriate search terms and the chance of a higher rank in the result list increases significantly.

Publish press release directly through online media

The advantage of an online press release writing service is that the press release can be published directly on press portals and press release distribution sites. While the publication of the classic press release depends on the decision of the editors, with the online press release you enjoy the freedom of content. The online press release offers you numerous multimedia design options to attract more interested readers. You can include graphics, images, and videos in an online press release and also use different contribution formats such as specialist articles, lists, or interviews when creating the online press release.

However, the publication of press releases on the Internet places new demands on PR work. Both the formal and the content of an online press release are different than in classic PR. The online press release is an independent communication tool that focuses primarily on the added value for the reader.

How to write perfect press releases for readers and search engines:

1. The content of an online press release

Relevant content is the key on the web. Web users do not want to read full-bodied product details or self-congratulatory company news. To be found in the search engines, the content must be convincing. Only what is relevant is clicked and read.

Write about interesting, useful, and helpful information for your customers: What interests your customers? What do your customers want to know? What are your customers looking for on the internet?

What attracts customers is also of interest to journalists and editors. Today, journalists also use the Internet to research interesting stories for their readers.

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2. Structure of an online press release

On the Internet, most readers skim content more than read it. Make it easy for your readers. Your readers can better grasp the essential content of your press releases if they are structured.

Divide your message into several short paragraphs. Structure your text into 3-5 sections with concise and easy-to-understand subheadings.

Formulate short sentences and simple sentence constructions that are easy to grasp. Avoid complex boxed sentences, as these are often difficult to understand. Make sure your sentences are not longer than 3 lines.

3. The right language for a press release

Active formulations make your text livelier than passive ones. This is why use the right language when creating a press release and it is always recommended that you utilize a professional press release writing service. Even if the event that you are promoting happened a few days back, you still have to write about it in an active voice.

4. The right length of a press release

How long should a press release be? According to online press release writers, there isn’t the ideal length for press releases? The general rule is: as short as possible and as long as necessary. With the density and speed of information dissemination, the ability to comprehend the individual message decreases. A press release should not exceed 500 to 600 words but in today’s digital distribution we have observed longer texts. Conventionally a press release between 300 – 400 words was considered ideal for print media.

5. Keywords make your press release easier to find

Every search on the Internet starts with search engines. Use keywords in your online press release so that your target group can find your text more easily on the Internet. These keywords ensure a better assignment of the content to the search terms of the readers and thus ensure better placement in the search engines.

Use keywords from the niche of your target audience, because only what is searched for can also be found. Optimize your texts for 1-3 keywords per a press release. Use your keywords primarily in the headline and lead text. Repeat the keywords sensibly and moderately throughout the text.

To get an optimized version of the press release you can avail TextProz Press Release Writing Service which is powered by professional press release writers.

6. Headline of the online press release

The internet offers a flood of information. The title is crucial to whether your press release will be read or not. A catchy and meaningful title attracts the attention of interested readers and makes them curious. Make it easy for your readers to see what your text is about right from the headline. This is how you draw attention to your text and your company.

Also, formulate a subtitle of no more than 1-2 sentences to summarize your online press release in a few words. In this way, interested readers can see the essence of your press release at first glance.

7. Links and landing pages

Your readers find your press release interesting and want to know more. With links in your press release, you can guide interested readers from the text of the press release to your website, blog, or shop. Guide your readers as precisely and purposefully as possible with deep links. Include a total of 1 to a maximum of 3 links in your press text. Be sure to include a link at the end of your press release. For impatient readers, you can put a link at the end of the lead text.

8. Visual content: Add images and videos

An online press release shouldn’t just be text. Pictures in press releases can increase the click rate by 95%, videos can make it to 270%. Photos, graphics, and videos facilitate explanations and give the press release more expressiveness and emotionality. With visual elements, you create valuable reading incentives and offer your readers additional opportunities to absorb the information.

9. Publish press releases online regularly

One swallow does not make a summer; a press release does not bring success. The age of real-time communication requires the continuous publication of up-to-date content to be noticed at all. Regular publication of press releases on press portals can significantly increase the reach and visibility of your PR messages in search engines. This increases the chance that journalists and potential customers will find your PR messages at all.

Don’t just publish classic PR content, such as product and company news, but also use content from blog articles, technical articles, studies, presentations, and your support to address your target group directly with press releases. Press portals get your press releases into the search engines and thus directly to interested readers. Through the multiple uses of content via many different media and channels, you ensure regular publication and presence and generate more potential sites for your customers.

10. Online press release distribution

Have you considered all points and completed your online press release? If you need the assistance of professional press release writers then visit the TextProz Press Release Writing Service page. Then you should now spread your PR message far and wide. To achieve the greatest possible reach, it is advisable to publish your online press release on many different press portals, news services, social media, and document networks. Many of these portals are free and therefore also interesting for companies with a limited PR budget.

With the help of TextProz‘s online press writing and distribution service, you can reach a wider audience and achieve more coverage in less time.

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