How To Write Catchy Headlines For Your Blog Post (20 Ideas)

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Headlines make you want more. But how can good headlines be written, are there any creative ways? Yes, of course, there are! Here is a list of headline ideas.

Before I dive into my picks for the best headline ideas, I have to warn you: Writing good headlines isn’t necessarily a question of talent, it takes persistence and practice above all else. Headlines don’t just fall out of the sky and certainly not in your lap. Rather, they torment you and haunt you in your dreams. They rarely come to mind when you need them, but often in totally unexpected moments – in the shower, while you’re vacuuming, or while you’re lying awake at night. However, there is no doubt that you can master this skill with little effort.

Give all headline ideas a chance

Even great copywriters, who are regarded as the absolute master of headlines, wrote countless headline examples for his advertising content until he finally decided on one. So you see: writing headlines is also a question of practice and perseverance. It is not for nothing that slogans and headlines can be sold for good money in the advertising industry. This brings us to the first copywriter tip, which I would like to give you along the way: If you later browse through the various headline ideas, then give them all a chance. These headline examples give you a chance to experiment. Test the different variants and see which headline best supports the goal you are pursuing with your content.

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What does my reader get out of it?

This brings me to my next pertinent and important tip. With every line of your content, one essential question is always in the foreground: “What does my reader get out of it?” Applying this question to your headlines is a must. Because the headline of your advertising content, blog article, or press release is the face of your content.

Good headlines arouse curiosity

Besides the benefit for the reader, curiosity is the most important element of a good headline. This may sound a bit like a truism, but it can be proven by studies from brain research. Successful headlines arouse curiosity, and a very specific region in the brain turns on, which is also known as the seahorse. This brain region is responsible for categorizing and storing new knowledge. In a matter of seconds, the decision is made as to whether the content is relevant or whether it is going straight to the circular filing system.

When curiosity is aroused and the seahorse happily gallops off, the reward system in the brain kicks in and dopamine is released. With unusual headlines, you can get your readers on dopamine and make them want to know what happens next. Pretty awesome when you know how. So, enough theory now, let’s get started and dive into headline ideas.

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20 Amazing Headline Ideas

Headline Ideas 1: The Instructions

The instructions are very useful for the reader. It solves a problem that occupies the target group. Important: To do this, you must know exactly what your readers’ pain points are and address them directly.

Headline Examples:

  • How to finally get rid of problems falling asleep
  • Short on cash: Follow this simple tip and save a lot of money on vacation.
  • Stressful packing your suitcase? With these 8 tricks, the holiday starts relaxed.

Headline Ideas 2: The 3W Headline

Why, why, why – the three W’s not only occupy small children but also awaken the need in adults to get to the bottom of things.

Headline Examples:

  • Why you should never fold white underwear
  • Fighting the Kilos: Why You May Never Lose Weight
  • Why women drive better: The shoes are to blame!

The aim is to trigger your readers’ desire for sensations and to ensure that your article is clicked on. Tabloid media also work very often with these headlines – with great success, because people crave sensations.

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Headline Ideas 3: The Ultimate List

With this headline, you serve your reader a nicely set table of options and invite them to choose their favourite food. To do this, you first define the main topic and collect all the appropriate content.

Headline Examples:

  • 10 tips for dreamy wedding photos
  • 9 must-haves that families should not do without on vacation
  • 20 headline ideas for your content

Headline Ideas 4: The stimulus words

There are so-called stimulus words that trigger us to act and put us in a buying mood – this can be proven scientifically in a brain scanner, for example. These terms trigger our curiosity or the fear of missing something. This includes, for example, formulations such as “new”, “now “, “quickly “, “only now” or “only “. The stimulus feature uses these terms to trigger actions in the readers. Ideally, sales can be achieved with it.

Headline Examples:

  • Secure a family special for a limited time: book 3 nights, pay for two!
  • The fastest employee app ever – only now with a limited special discount!
  • Get in quick: only a few spots left!

Headline Ideas 5: The team player

With this headline idea, our innate desire for social belonging comes into play. The team player addresses the community and the associated advantages.

Headline Examples:

  • For members only: our super summer deal
  • Access quickly: the best deals for community members
  • Get exclusive benefits for club members now!

Headline Ideas 6: The superlative drama

Good is good, but does it get any better? Hand on heart, we humans always want to get the best out of ourselves. This headline idea, therefore, works with superlatives. True to the motto: higher, faster, further.

Headline Examples:

  • The fastest way to holiday happiness!
  • So you are relaxed faster than you can say everyday stress!
  • There is nowhere more family-friendly!

Headline Ideas 7: The provocative headline

Warning, this headline is not for the faint-hearted of readers, it could meet with opposition – and that’s a good thing. As mentioned at the beginning, our hippocampus loves unusual and irritating content. With this in mind: Dare to provoke yourself in headlines!

Headline Examples:

  • Are you always late? You don’t have to be embarrassed anymore! Use our new late check-in now.
  • Children complain: Does it always have to be pasta at lunchtime?
  • When can parents finally relax on vacation?

Headline Ideas 8: The ones with the trust factor

If experts say so, then it must be true. This “white coat” effect has been known since the toothpaste advertisements of the early 1990s when the dental assistant in the white coat raved about the foaming miracle cure with beaming teeth. Take advantage of this method in headlines by scoring with facts and studies.

Headline Examples:

  • Global study shows: Short breaks are on the rise!
  • HR experts agree: The future of work is in the home office!
  • Study confirms: Children determine the travel destination

Headline Ideas 9: The story printer

This headline format introduces content that is structured in three phases: the hero of the story experiences an initial situation; suddenly there is a turning point that changes everything and that in turn triggers the current (better) situation.

Headline Examples:

  • Why this man reinvented family vacations
  • How an idea revolutionized domestic family tourism
  • When one sentence changed this woman’s life forever

For headline examples from this category, the content must tell the story announced in the headline. Otherwise, of course, this concept will not work.

Headline Ideas 10: The laughing stock

Be careful with this headline example: satire can backfire or be misconstrued. With this headline idea, it is all the more important to be able to precisely assess the target group of the content. The laughing stock works with a fundamentally serious topic that is treated in contradictory ways and thus arouses curiosity. Important: You have to resolve the contradiction later with your content!

Headline Examples:

  • 10 good reasons to leave your children at home on holiday
  • The ultimate guide to guaranteed fail when baking cookies

Headline Ideas 11: Those with helper syndrome

If you have acute problems or have to overcome challenges, you will be happy to receive help. This headline idea announces exactly this support. The same applies here: You have to know what moves your readers, what they are dealing with, and what they are currently struggling with. Once you figure that out, this headline is an all-time hit!

Headline Examples:

  • Never get stuck in traffic again: You won’t want to be without these travel planning tools again!
  • Boring? The best game ideas for the road trip!
  • Drive off instead of packing: The super carefree package for your family vacation

Headline Ideas 12: Alliteration

This headline goes straight to the ear and simply sticks with it. And that’s exactly what we want to achieve when writing headlines, isn’t it?

Headline Examples:

  • Excursion tips in wind and weather
  • Packing your bags: travelling with children and co
  • Wanderlust meets cycling pleasure

Headline Ideas 13: Analogy or Linguistic Similarities

Our brain not only loves new things, but it also likes to feel comfortable in familiar surroundings. With this headline idea, you make your readers comfortable, pleasant, and easy. And because we like to take the path of least resistance, these headlines are wonderfully memorable.

Headline Examples:

  • Your new family car: as safe as the Amen in prayer
  • Concentrate on your favourite business – we’ll take care of the rest!
  • Hot as love, black as night: 10 types of coffee tested

Headline Ideas 14: Anaphora: word repetition

Were repeated words always marked red in essays? Now you can fight back! It deliberately plays with the repetition of terms, creating a rhythmic reading flow – and your readers like that, believe me!

Headline Examples:

  • It’s all ok. Everything relaxed. All vacation
  • Nebraska Hotels: More for me. More for the kids
  • Write better, sell better – better with lyrics from Wordsmith

Headline Ideas 15: Antithesis: Playing with opposites

Antithesis is a pun on opposites. This stylistic device can be used very well to communicate advantages in headlines.

Headline Examples:

  • With us, the little ones make it big!
  • Less is more: One pays, and the accompanying person travels for free!
  • Little effort, big effect: The fastest business styles of all time

Headline Ideas 16: Appeal: Now it’s your turn!

When do people react? If you feel addressed! The stylistic device of signalling uses exactly this effect – you address your readers directly in the form of an appeal in the headline.

Headline Examples:

  • Book your holiday: Get the best prices now!
  • Before it’s too late: Plan your next company event now!
  • December 24 is sure to come: Book your Christmas party now!

Headline Ideas 17: The question and answer game

This headline variant is one of my favourite stylistic devices. You ask a question and answer it directly by presenting a solution.

Headline Examples:

  • Do you want to save money while on vacation? Children up to 6 travel for free with us!
  • Don’t feel like crowded outdoor pools? We have the secret box seats of the summer for you!
  • Do you finally want to sleep in peace? Our roller shutters are guaranteed to stay tight!

Headline Ideas 18: The original sound

An original soundtrack or original quote is very often used as a headline in press releases. The quote works particularly well when you describe a topic that is emotional for your readers. The quote triggers curiosity, so you have to present the resolution of the quote in the content.

Headline Examples:

  • “I thought I would never see my daughter again!”
  • “For the first time in months, I slept through the night!”
  • “The pain was so unbearable I could hardly breathe.”

Headline Ideas 19: The Telegram Style

To put it with an antithesis: sometimes less is simply more. You use this fact with telegram-style headlines. They are concise and, like alliteration, are easy on the ear, where they are quickly anchored in the memory. The telegram style works particularly well with a supplementary description that is inserted with a colon or a dash.

Headline Examples:

  • Book, travel, and enjoy: Here are our holiday bargains!
  • Tear open & unpack – the cutest gift ideas
  • Buckle up and head down the best family trip in Canada

Headline Ideas 20: The pun

Headline ideas from the word game category belong to the pinnacle of headlines. They require a lot of thinking and are therefore something for tinkerers.

Headline Examples:

  • Absolutely good: The best mobile games for kids
  • Magical – hiking in the Fairy Forest

To Conclude

Yes, we know, that was a lot of headline examples and I also know from my own experience: Collecting headline ideas is work.

Before you waste sweat and tears on it and are not satisfied with the result, in the end, reach out to TextProz Writers! Visit our content writing services page.

The headline is the face of your content. It decides whether your readers will step in and delve into your lines, or whether they’ll keep reading, scrolling, or swiping away at your content. It is all the more important to invest time and effort in the headline. With the 20 headline ideas that you will find in this article, you have a valuable modular system at hand. Because not every headline variant is suitable for every type of content and every topic.

Was that helpful? How do you feel about writing headlines? We look forward to your experiences.

Alex is a Sr. Editor and Copywriter at TextProz. He got extensive experience in developing stories, building marketing campaigns, and making sure that the marketing content is unique and creative.

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