How to Write eCommerce Product Descriptions That Drive Sales

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When buyers shop in a physical store, they use all their senses including the touch and feel of the items. They see attractive objects; smell the materials; hear background music; touch the items they like and, in some cases, even taste samples. Can your e-commerce site give as many sensations to your consumers?

By thoughtfully writing your e-commerce product descriptions, you will be able to convey a rich customer experience that will make your customer want to buy your products. Follow these few tips to put the odds on your side and see your sales increase.

Write a clear title

The title is the most important part when you write e-commerce product descriptions. It must be clear, precise, and long enough and ideally include keywords searched by users. We strongly advise you to take a look at this article for more tips on writing product descriptions that sell.

Present the product to your customer

Imagine yourself talking about your product to your customers. What would you say to them? Unfortunately, there is no universal magic recipe to convince your customer to buy your product, but one thing is certain: you must know who you are talking to. Once you’ve established your target audience (professionals in the field, mothers of young children, athletes, cooks, etc.), these tips can help you write a good description that will interest them.

a. Write from most important to least important details

Use the journalistic technique of the inverted pyramid when you write eCommerce product descriptions, that is to say, present the most important elements first according to your customers. For example, if you sell a barbecue grill cleaner, the first criterion of importance is likely its strength. However, if you’re selling an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner, your customers mostly want to know what makes your product eco-responsible. Contrary to the popular saying, don’t save the best for last!

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b. Present the benefits

You know your product like the back of your hand and are proud that the solar charger you designed has more power combined with a power plug. Change in my life? This is the question to be answered. Rather than describing the features of your product (which are at the end of the sheet in a technical information table anyway), describe the benefits and usability. For example, how the product:

  • Improve your client’s well-being?
  • Does it make it more efficient?
  • Saves time?
  • Does it save energy?
  • Does it solve customers’ problems?

Fill your description with adjectives that present the benefits for the customers.

c. Add an emotional touch

By presenting the benefits of a product, you speak to reason, but you can also speak to the heart to close a sale. The stories pierce the coldness of the web and will awaken feelings of empathy or recognition that convince customers to buy.

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If your product is the result of a particular adventure or story, share it without hesitation. A summary is enough to create a link with your customers and to vibrate these emotional threads which often push customers towards the purchase.

d. Provide specific technical details

Don’t overlook any detail. Dimensions, weight, color, power, speed, batteries required, components included, materials, and everything you have as information about your product must be displayed clearly, most often in the form of a table or a bulleted list. Include only the most important elements in the text description.

e. Avoid unsubstantiated superlatives

It’s tempting to want to position yourself at the top of the industry, but if there are no facts to back up your assertion, it’s best not to do this. Avoid wording like:

  • Best in class (do you have proof?)
  • Top quality (to what?)
  • Best-selling in the country (really?)
  • The favourite of 8 to 12-year-olds (are you sure?)

That being said, you can easily write that it is: your most popular product (because you are aware of the sales of all of your products); your most economical offer (in the case of a format more advantageous than the others).

Revise The Content Before Publishing It

Do not forget to revise your product descriptions before putting them online, because all your creative writing efforts will be in vain if your description is filled with errors. You can use correction software like Grammarly or simply Microsoft Word’s spelling and grammar checker. It is also possible to retain the services of a professional editor. If you need to have your descriptions translated into another language, be sure to hire a competent translator to avoid making the wrong impression in a new market.

You are ready to increase the sales of your online store! For more advice, we encourage you to contact TextProz Product Description Writers. We can also suggest some effective strategies to take off your online store.

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