Writing an Article on LinkedIn


Unlike updates, articles are a separate thing. In essence, they are longer, in-depth blog-like posts that you can write and publish on LinkedIn to share content about:

  • Considered leadership.
  • Anecdotal stories and work experience.
  • Industry knowledge and experience.
  • Recommendations for other professions.
  • Observations on changes in your field.
  • Signals from content marketing that compliment your brand.

Are you unsure of the LinkedIn article posting process?

  • The article writing screen will now open in the LinkedIn publishing tool.
  • Make sure your headline will catch readers’ attention and that the piece is written so that the material is simple to read.

To make content easier to read, add subheadings, bullet points, and bold text. You can promote other articles you’ve written by adding images, videos, or links.

Writing Articles on LinkedIn

How To Writing Articles on LinkedIn

It’s simple to share articles on LinkedIn!
Writing articles on LinkedIn is very simple, but before you click “Publish,” double-check that the articles are pertinent to your audience. Otherwise, they won’t interact with the content.
Include a call to action in your content by asking readers for feedback, and inviting them to share, like, or comment on it.

The best part about this is that there are various options for other users to share your LinkedIn article when they do so:

  1. In a message on LinkedIn.
  2. In a LinkedIn, post
  3. Straight to Twitter.
  4. Immediately on Facebook.

When you duplicate and paste the link.

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Advantages of Writing Articles for LinkedIn

Writing LinkedIn posts has three key advantages.

  1. Makes you appear as a Thought Leader.
  2. Articles Expand Your Audience.
  3. Increasing your network.

1-Makes You Appear as A Thought Leader

Being recognized as a thought leader is important in any industry. Employers are searching for employees that have specialized knowledge in their professions. You can establish yourself as such by writing an article describing your area of expertise.

Candidates might be equally knowledgeable in a specific subject. But from the standpoint of the employer, those who have created a thoroughly researched, have already demonstrated their competence. They have an advantage over the competition because of this.

Find topics that will interest your target audience and provide informative content to them.

Use your position to demonstrate that you are an authority on the topic, whether you are offering the “5 greatest ideas to boost your connections” or discussing “the benefits of adding LinkedIn articles into your plan.”

People will start to trust you when they realize that you only share high-quality material.
Additionally, you ought to endeavor to appear in other media.
You will gain even more exposure for your company if other authorized websites mention you.
You will also be able to mention that prominent figures have included you on your website.

many people will come to read your articles.

2-Articles Expand Your Audience

You want to establish relationships with other innovators, entrepreneurs, and loyal customers. You must start talks if you want to develop these relationships. After all, you are the best one to accomplish it. Begin by contacting others and requesting that they share their own experiences. Publishing articles on LinkedIn to share your experience and invite reader comments with their own experiences or analysis of the problem is one approach to achieve this.

People enjoy talking about themselves and giving advice, so ask them for their perspective. Encourage your audience to share your content on social media once they leave comments on your posts by responding to them. This will help spread the word about what you are doing.


3-Increasing Your Network

The main goal of LinkedIn is to create relevant connections that help users create networks in their fields. An outstanding piece will get traction among industry insiders, allowing you to connect with people and expand your network.

LinkedIn articles also rank on Google. Therefore, if yours does well enough, it will find others who are looking for specific themes that you have previously written about. Likely, any person whose name appears on the top page of the search results will be contacted by an employer if they need someone to manage a specialized area for their business.

You probably already have a certain target market in mind, as well as a loyal following that regularly visits your website to see new content.

What about expanding this circle of people, though?
You may expand into other markets and begin producing content with a wider range of topics.
Did you know that your connections will be notified whenever you publish articles on LinkedIn?
This presents you with a fantastic chance to educate your audience about your company while showcasing your expertise on a certain subject. To get your audience to interact with you, ask you questions, and enjoy and share your material, be sure to include call-to-actions.
Once you publish your first article on LinkedIn, you’ll start receiving requests for new connections. The “follow” icon next to your name at the top of the page will always be visible to everyone reading your content. The likelihood of growing your connections will increase as a result.

Article Analytics

LinkedIn Offers Extensive Article Analytics

Last but not least, LinkedIn offers thorough analytics to any user who publishes content on its publishing platform. You will get access to information on how many people clicked on your article, the topics that attracted the greatest attention, the readers’ occupations, and much more.

This will not only aid in your comprehension of the readers who are interested in the subjects you are writing about, but it will also aid in the development of your future articles. You can tell whether you are moving in the right direction or whether you need to change course for the next one, thanks to detailed analytics.

Strong LinkedIn Article

Writing a Strong LinkedIn Article

If you’ve chosen to write a LinkedIn article, you must make sure it is outstanding.

Alas, not all of us are paid to write. Writing an article for all of your connections can be worrying for people who lack experience in producing articles of a professional caliber. It might resemble having to read your essay in front of your class in certain ways.

However, not all of the articles on LinkedIn are produced by authors with advanced degrees. Despite the difficulty, you can write an article that any expert would be proud of with enough effort.

Select a Topic
Selecting a topic to write about is the most crucial step in creating a LinkedIn post. This is because at this stage of the procedure, you must balance three essential factors:

  • To start with, you should confirm that the topic you are writing about is one you are familiar with. As a result, producing the post will be much simpler because you will feel more at ease discussing it, and require much less preliminary study.
  • Make sure that your writings are unique and that your target audience finds them interesting.
  • Discover new ideas and always look for something unique and interesting to talk about. Make sure that the topics you chose are eye-catching.

Select a Headline
To capture the reader’s attention, headlines are essential. They must capture the reader’s attention while also being pertinent to the subject at hand because no one enjoys reading an article after clicking on a clickbait headline.
In general, we advise keeping article headlines brief.

Article Formatting for Simple Reading
There are a few techniques used by experienced authors to boost reader interest. There might be an entire essay dedicated to these tricks, but the following are the top three:

  • Keep your words and paragraphs brief and to the point.
  • Try to include images to break up the text.
  • While LinkedIn articles can be up to 100,000 characters, try to write an article of about 600-800 words

Great LinkedIn Article Examples

In the final half of this essay, we’ve uncovered three really good LinkedIn Articles and provided a succinct justification for why they work so well. With these pieces in mind, we hope you can gain some guidance for your writing.

How To Get Started with your AI Journey By Bernard Marr

One of the top article writers on LinkedIn, he is a perfect choice to begin our sample section. Marr gives a comprehensive introduction to AI in this article, including what it can accomplish for a business.
This essay is an excellent teaching resource since it exemplifies the time-tested strategy of producing well-researched content that readers would be interested in reading.

It’s Time for a New Definition of Success By Jeff Haden

Jeff Haden examines how an individual’s idea of success will frequently vary from the concept that society as a whole uses. Haden provides a strong thesis statement by drawing on personal stories and experiences.

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for professionals and business owners. Writing articles for LinkedIn is a fantastic way to stand out on the site, establish yourself as an expert in your subject, and increase visibility among your target market.


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