Why Is It Necessary To Optimize Website Content

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Many people think that creating and writing content for a website is enough. We want to show you why this is not the case and why you should keep checking and optimising website content.

Your website is your shop window & showroom

Imagine a clothing store that always has the same decoration in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Can you imagine if there are swimming costumes in the shop window in January, that you will then be selling your winter clothes? Therefore, your content should always be adapted to the needs of your target group.

Nothing is as constant as change

It’s not just the demands of customers that are changing – our requirements and demands are also changing. But nothing is more unpleasant for your target group than finding incorrect information in your content.

Take information on costs – especially due to changes in wage costs, purchase prices, electricity, gas, water, etc., there are always price changes. Make sure that your information is correct and up to date.

Also, optimize to compete

Many providers are trying to improve their content and quality. It should be checked whether you can give your target group better and more helpful information than your competitors.

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Times and trends change

Some posts get a lot of attention today – but have become uninteresting in a few days/weeks/months due to changing trends. Optimize website content according to the new market trends.

Google is paying attention

Regular revisions and updates do not go unnoticed by Google. If you put yourself in Google’s shoes, who would you prefer? Someone who regularly tries to improve their content or someone who never revisits their content? To optimize the website content to rank better on Google search results.

Are there any new insights?

Often you create content and think you have looked at the topic in many ways. Over time, queries reveal that certain information is available but is not clearly understood. It is also possible that a new perspective is added or has not previously been taken into account – you can add or correct this when optimizing website content.

How do you create good content?

We warn against going specifically to SEO content. First and foremost, your target group is important – if you don’t reach them, then Google won’t help you either!

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What should you consider when writing your content?

There are different points that you should consider when optimizing your website content.

Who is the target group?

In my opinion, the most important thing is to be aware of who should read the contents later. Only when you reach your target group and satisfy their needs do you have good content.

Create unique pieces!

Content must be as unique as possible. You don’t always have to reinvent everything – but the user must see why he is right with you.

Also, pay attention to the language. You should also reflect on this yourself – imagine that your prospect turns to you because of the choice of words and his expectations are not met in any way – this leads to negative experiences and, in the long term, too bad ratings.


Keywords are keywords. You should have a clear focus on them when you optimize website content.

Keyword density

The keyword density tells you how often the keyword is concerning the rest of the content. You should be careful here because using it too often can have a negative effect (so-called keyword stuffing).

Structuring and other requirements

There is nothing more boring than monotonous content. Break up your content and make it interesting. Make sure your users can find the information they need quickly.

Website Content Optimization – Tips and Tricks

  • Use synonyms in your content
  • Use your keywords in headlines and body content as well
  • Write simple and clearly
  • Prefer concise sentences that are easy to remember
  • Write naturally and entertainingly
  • Keep the structure of your headings (h1, h2, h3, etc.)
  • Use pictures and graphics – a picture is worth1000 words
  • Make sure the font size and font are legible

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Jack Hamilton edits the client work and regularly devices strategies for B2B, and B2C, campaigns. Jack also trains new content writers and with his expertise guides them through the content development phases.

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